Friday, November 1, 2013

Wild Foxes and Geocaching

Yesterday saw dad and me having a grill evening in Freches Vieweid with some friends and a rather friendly wild fox. He even tried to steel a rucksack from right under our noses, but Hopsing being the owner got it back without much difficulty. Some pictures of the evening from Jon here.

Today I went Geocaching after a long time out. Actually wanted to go with Nico and Franzy, but Franzy was not well, so I went on my own. I did visit them before continuing and had a bit of a piano session with Franzy. After saying goodbye it was on to the geocache.
Parked at the bottom of the Blender and walked up a bit until I got to the first stage. Solved that rather easy and continued on. Had problems with stage 3 but after about 30 minutes it was found with the help of the hints. Found the cache in the Twilight, just in time as I had no torch and after logging in it was back to the car and home. Geocache informations can be found here.

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