Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday Of-Trail Ride

We were quite few yesterday. Only six people on a Thursday tour, happens rarely. It was also pretty warm which normally means there are a lot of people there.
We started of towards the Moorgang via the Wertachtal and took the "Indianerpfad along the Wertach up to dontknowhowitiscalled. Had a bad accident on the Indianerpfad. I fell headlong in a ditch right in front of me which I had been trying to avoid by jumping over it, but, well, didn't work. Flew head first over the handlebars and landed on my stomach. Luckily Inge was there fast and nearly strait away gave me some of her medicine. Jon did a check over if I had broken any ribs but it was not that bad.
After that we carried on to the Moorweg and when we arrived there I don't have a clue how we cycled any more. If you can see the track at GPSies it looks like we were drunk. Somehow, after an hour, we arrived in Oy and then took the road over the Römerbrücke back home to Nesselwang.
All in all a really good "of-trail" track.
Pictures from Jon and me at Picasa.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wet and Cold "sieben Seen" Tour

Wet and cold today. Looked out of the window and it was poring down, but I didn't want to study any more, as I had done that nearly all the rest of the day. Dad was also itching to go so we set of to Heidis and were dry when we arrived at hers, due to the good clothing. After hearing a Julia say she didn't want to be in our place we set of towards the Wertachtal at first. As it was pouring and I was already beginning to get wet, I thought it was going to be a relatively short round. It wasn't. After we had come out of the Wertachtal things had brightened up a bit (or at least it had stopped raining) so Dad suggested we head towards Rückholz. After that we went the “sieben Seen”-tour altogether. Just before Rückholz it really started snowing. So official we were cycling through a snowstorm as it was like that most of the way. By the time we had arrived at the Atlesee the fields were white once again. Headed of home and arrived here after about 20km of cycling and freezing fingers to a nice warm shower heated up by the fire.

Track at GPSies and Dad's picies at Picasa.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Thursday ride to the Falkenstein

First Thursday bike tour today. As we started new into the year we thought it wouldn't be to difficult, but as I heard what we were planing to do it didn't sound to good.

So, this is how I understood it. We go to Falkenstein and cycle up. Doesn't sound a lot? Right to the top is. It turned out we were only going up 1/3 of the way and that wasn't to bad and we did so when we arrived.

Back down was interesting as there was still a lot of leafs from autumn and it is slippery on wet leaves. They were dry so not that bad. Then there were some trenches in the ground for the water to run down the mountain and every time I went over one I thought my bike was going to fall apart.

On the way back home we went through Rebichel and up a hill which I don't know the name of, but the track is at GPSies. At the top we got a good look at sunset and I made a picture which you can see at Picasa.

A good start of tour for the new season.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Racing Bike round Grüntensee

Today was our first Tuesday bike route of the year. And my first on a racing bike. Took some time getting used to. And going down the main road in the evening was the “perfect” training moment. Before we set of my saddle had to be adjusted a bit which made Jon happy.

So we set of and straight up the main road. I did feel a difference; in both ways.

First the good: You just keep going on and on, as if you had no bike underneath you, really light.

The not so good: My legs couldn't stretch out properly which means my big advantage over most others was lost.

Carrier on, thought. Cycled towards Wertach, as you can see at GPSies. Then through Wertach and past the other side of the Grüntensee towards Feistenoy. Uphill Jon like to show how much training he had done and how low he could get his gears. We'll see at the end of the year ;)

After Feistenoy of to Oy and the to Maria Rein. Over the bridge and back home in an hour. Sounds short, but that is probably what you have a racing bike for.

All in all a good bike round with a good view over the evening mountains. Pictures from Dad at Picasa.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Elleg and back down Mühlweg

Next bike ride today. Again with Dad. Bright sunny day and he wanted to go biking strait in the morning. So we set out and had to leave a Chris and Philipp behind which wanted to come round for a drink. Got one by the neighbours instead.

So we set of towards Haslach and after that cycled up the Elleg. A The track is at GPSies. Nearly at the top we decided to try something new and went left before we would have reached the top. Arrived at a hut called “Gschwend's Berg”, I think. After that we went along a field track and arrived nearly at the top but had to squeeze under a barb wire fence to get back to the normal trail. Next we went a lot downhill and then along a way called the Mühlweg which has a lot of ups and downs, so real mountain biking. Then through Oy-Mittelberg to Haslach and stopping at Chris's in Gschwend for a glass of Water. Cycled the road back home with a Rhiannon which we had met in Gschwend.

Pictures Dad took are at Picasa. And another good bike ride.

Friday, April 1, 2011

First bike of the year around "7 lakes"

First time cycling this year. Last time was in the Dolomites. God, that was long ago.

So, started of with Dad (who's whole idea this was) and went through Wertachtal. And instead of turning left along the “normal” route across the river we went strait on up a hill. I confess, we had to walk a short bit, but not a lot. Arrived up in a field and cycled on past a lot of lakes (forget al their names) with nature all around us. Brilliant on a sunny Friday afternoon. Arrived at the Atlesee (first lake I know the name of) and went further to the Kögelweiher were there where a lot of frogs. Carried on and took the “dirt trail” down behind Rindegg. Arrived at Jon's shortly afterwards to get Dads bike fixed up a bit.

Carried on home for a warm, solar powered shower. Track at GPSies and Dads pictures at Picasa.

And no, this is no April fool ;)