Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maria Trost Wet

Wet biking today. So wet it seem like my GPS didn't record the Track. Sorry, but there is no track at GPSies today.

As said, really wet tour. Arrived by the Alpspitzhalle dryish but it started raining then. So some of the group went strait to the “Hoigart” instead of biking, but quiet a few did bike. Then it started really raining cats and dogs. Drenched in minutes. Biked uphill to Maria Trost but staid in the forest. Back down and up again to get the altitude up. End bike to the chapel, then turn round and cycle home. Breaks weren't working properly. Great. Arrived home drenched with everything technical also wet.

Well, that's live. Camera staid dryish. Picture at Picasa.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sorry I'm one day late, again. Always get back to late.

As we where al finished from the Sunday tour, except Heidi, we decided to do a relatively flat route. Rottachseetour is quiet flat so we decided to do that. Biked through the Wertachtal, past the Sticherweiher and on to the Rottachsee. By the Rottachsee we stopped by the dam holding all the lake water back. Took a group photo at the lake, which is at Picasa with some more.

After the lake we carried on back home and I always had to speed up a bit because I always wanted to make photos, as it was a brilliant evening for biking.

Arrived home eventually and nearly got my hand bitten of by Ruby, Monis dog, as we drank some drinks by her.

Nice flat tour with great scenery. Track at GPSies.

More info at Neills site.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Bike Tour

Today we had our first Sunday tour this year. Is a bit late actually so it was about time we did one. Started of at Jon's and then went to the Elleg through Gschwend.

Had to Newbies which Karin had meet biking across the Alps in to Italy. Very sporty guys. So after the Elleg we went in direction of the Grünten, the “Wächter des Allgäus”. I don't know the area there that well so I cant do any accurate way-explanations. All I know is that we went up some very step steps, through a swamp and biked through some rivers. Track is at GPSies for more accurate viewing.

By the last river we had to wait a bit for Neill and Julius, so the rest decided to go on and order the drinks and “Brotzeit”. While waiting I got my cam ready and did some photos, which are at Picasa. Jon and Neill also took some. So at the Roßbergalm we all had our Brotzeit except Jon which had to carry on after a drink to a birthday party in Oberzollhaus. He prepared our track by the way so I wonder why it got so difficult after the Roßbergalm. (Just fun Jon). After our delicious lunch, we whizzed downhill towards the Iller and cycled along that. Towards the end there was suddenly a terrible scraping noise behind me. Julius complete back gear holder had fallen of. So after taking him to the nearest point at which his neighbour could pick him up with the car we carried on two people less. Neill had decided to go with Julius as he was exhausted. As it turned out the car was too small anyway so he had to cycle along the track later. Poor Neill.

As it was getting quiet late after the accident we decided to take the roads home as Moni and Klaus had to be somewhere else later. Along the Rottachsee on tarmac (all uphill) with three top fit bikers was really exhausting. Lost them at some points but me and Moni stayed together most of the time, but I lost her before the bridge by Gschwend. So we waited and she turned up eventually.

After that it was a quick run home with a a nice warm bath waiting and a Neill coming home later than planed. Report (should) be at this link.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Yesterday (Thursday) we went biking up towards the Obere Reuterwanne, and for somebody who isn't an expert that track will probably nearly kill you. The first third is just slippery gravel steep uphill. Sounds difficult, is difficult. Had to really strain my muscles to get some speed to not fall over. But then at the top, as always, you're really happy.

After that went to the Sorgalm to have a drink and to small spirits. Don't want to fall over on the way back. Way back was then all tarmac as it was dark and we wanted to get home quick. Learnt some good wind trail lessens from Jon on how to save energy.

Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa (pic 1 + pic 2) and from Jon.

Report at Bike Club 2010.


Today (actually last Tuesday), we went biking to the Hängebrücke and as that didn't take to long decided to do the Sieben Seen (which are actually 11 ½ Lakes) with a short dip in the Attlesee. I myself didn't go swimming as I didn't have any swim-stuff with me.

Oh, and not to forget we were have bitten to death by horseflies. If you just stood still they all came to you. Had about fife to eight horseflies at once trying to suck my blood.

Great Track which is at GPSies and a few pictures at Picasa.

Vilser Alm

Sorry I'm a bit late (about a week), but it has been quiet busy. Finish biking at about eleven at the moment because the sun is up so long and then have to get up at 5 o'clock the next morning to get to school.

Well, last Thursday we went biking to the Vilser Alm which is in Austria. One of the hottest days in the year till now, but nobody did of dehydration. Nice track the Vilser Alm through the Vilstal and back. Track at GPSies.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Kappeler Alm; with puncture

Got back from school today and wondered what I could do this afternoon by nearly 30°C. So I decided to go biking. Perhaps I should have left it. At the beginning it went up about 45° constantly. So got to the top of that and then had to climb over some large stones which where damp. By the way: Track is at GPSies. So after that came the dry mud in which the cows had made a load of holes. Fall over time. And then a big ditch in which I went flying over the saddle. Sounds like it wasn't fun. OK, not as good as other times but there are bad day. So then I finally got to the Kappeler Alm; after having a puncture. Dam, no spare pipe. Ring around; nope, nobody's got time. Well, no other option than too push. So down it went in one and a half hours what you'd normally manage in 10 minutes.

Enough complaining. Also a picture at Picasa.

And it was still a bit of fun. ;-)

Breitenberg biking

My first blog entry, exiting.

And as a good start I'll start with biking. Yesterday, pardon but it was late and I was tired, we went up the Breitenberg, one of the biggest/highest mountains in the area. As we got back late I fell in to bed straight away as I had school next day.

To the trip: Started in Nesselwang at 18.30 and cycled towards Pfronten, then biked round the back to finally start going uphill. The biking uphill was fine, just there were a load of flies around and they had a pick at me. A bit distracting. Reached the top and was worth biking up. Brilliant view. Jon has put in a few picies.Then came the downhill part. You'd think its easy too bike downhill. Never. Large lumps of stones and only a bike which is travelling at 60km/h between you and the ground. Scary. Came to the bottom in one peace. Good.And for last. Biking back home at night.

Track at GPSies. Great tour.