Sunday, March 30, 2014

Foresty Hängebrücke

Bright sunny day today, as has been most of the week.
The day yesterday consisted of lots of driving, as Dad had some business to conduct. Drove to a few people, had chats and took pictures from a mast.
Sunday saw me actually planning a few PC game session with some friends, but as one went of biking (I didn't go with him as he lives a bit away and he was going with some colleagues) and the other had some internet connection problems I ended up with time on my hands. Dad had just gone of with Jon to do some race biking and mum was of with Gertrude, walking around a lake. I just then decided to take my bike and go of somewhere, no clue where. Set of down Wertachtal and met a bunch of other people walking, biking, sitting by the river, etc. Reached Wildberg after some uphill biking and continued on to the Hängebrücke. Met Tobi and Mellisa at her house (two water rescue colleagues of mine) and had a small talk before carrying on along between green fields and white mountains. Reached Wertach and bike a part of the Seven Lakes backwards, through Hirschbühl and Schneidbach before (by chance) meeting up with Dad, Jon, Mum and Gertrude at the ice café. Had a small ice and the went back home to a shower.
Pictures at Picasa and a track at GPSies.

Time in saddle: 1 hour 35 min.
Distance: 24.2 km
Average speed: 15.4 km/h

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday "Seven" Lakes

Out for my first MTB bike ride with dad this year, past eight lakes in our area. We call it the Seven Lakes tour for some reason: Most of the Lakes are puddles at the moment, as all the water has been let our for winter. We had planned to bike in the afternoon, but as the weather forecast and the local weather both pointed towards rain in the afternoon, we started just after midday. Down in to the Wertach valley before going back up to Schneidbach and then around to Rückholz, where mums workplace is located. Further on around more lakes until we got back to Nesselwang. Dad is doing some fitness training for when he bikes to Poland , so we stuck to a nice and easy ride. Beat the rain back to home and had a hot chocolate at the ice café in town.
Started raining after having a bath.
More pictures at Picasa, dads blog here and the Track is at GPSies.

Time in saddle: 1 hour 30 min.
Distance: 23.0 km
Average speed: 16.1 km/h

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Biking and Skiing

Done quite a bit again this weekend, biking and skiing.
Went biking around the Grüntensee with Johanna on Friday afternoon. Same route like last week. Snow had become a bit less, but there where still some stretches on which it had stayed. And instead of (sensibly) going around some of the snow I this time thought it would be possible to bike right along the Grüntensee. It ended with me having my bike going towards the frozen lake and me staying in the same place, without a bike and on my back. Johanna tried to break with the bike breaks and her feet but didn't stop for a while. Continued along with an aching back and arrived back at home. Carried on for an ice and to clean my bike at Frenches after having a chat.
Saturday it was off to Warth, with the Skiteacher for a day of skiing. Arrived at shortly before 9 o'clock to get prepared (I had had enough of the bus, the back rows where singing the same song over and over again). First few runs where a bit hard, getting used to the skies again, but the rest of the day was spent with skiing down super pistes and of piste skiing. Skied for 6 hours without rest and then had some lunch before skiing some more. Left Warth at about 17.00 o'clock and answered the ski teacher quiz on the way home (listening to the same bl***y song from the back row). Back in Nesselwang home for a shower and then to the local restaurant with the ski teachers. Probably the last big skiing of this season.
Jon made a track of our skiing route here and more pictures at Picasa.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend 8.3 and 9.3

A weekend well spent, that is what I can say for sure about this one.
Saturday started off with doing all the business that has to be done on a weekend (buy shopping, take the wertstoff, …), all in a SMART. Dads car is currently being washed, so he got a car from the company to keep him going. One of the smallest on the market.
The afternoon was spent with taking pictures. Went our with Nico and Markus to a near landing field, taking pictures of starting and landing planes. Back home, before the cold set in to play a few rounds of PC before going to bed.
Next morning 8 o'clock, skiing. Mum, Dad and me of to the Neunerköpfle. Had to wait a bit at the beginning but once we where at the top, we had super snow conditions. Carved down the mountain wonderfully and took a detour down an iced up hump slope. Stopped for a drink with the beautiful Alp scenery and after one more round headed home.
Afternoon saw me grilling with my water rescue colleagues at our lake. Super company and loads of fun.
So the weekend sums up to: new car, photographing, skiing and grilling. All in all a brilliant combination, especially as we have had nothing but blue sky and sunshine (spring weather).
Dads blog info here.

Friday, March 7, 2014

First Bike 2014: Grüntensee

First time biking this year. Did the standard tour around the Grüntensee, except in some places where I had to take a detour because of the snow. Past my place where I fell over on ice a few years ago and cut my leg. No problem this year, even if the snow was a bit slippery. Spotted some swans standing on the lake. Now I know why they are white, it camouflages them on the snow and ice in winter ;).
Biked past quite a few joggers and walker, all of them looking a bit stunned to see a MTB. Got back home after the short tour and had a shower.
More pictures at Picasa and track at GPSies.