Thursday, October 20, 2016

Victoria Workings

Once again a long time no sign of write text. I try to keep up with stuff I am doing, but when the things you are doing are repetitious (like work) there is not a lot to write about on a frequent base. Adding to that there are some things I aren't allowed to write about (business secrets) or don't want to write about (socially controversially things).
Anyway, after getting that out of the way, the current place I am sitting in is in the north-east of Victoria. The whole reason to get back down from Queensland was to get back to work, as I am employed doing hay contracting which is heaps better than the all known backpacker job of fruit picking. On the way down from Coffs Harbour and the last blog I stopped in at Katherines again. I'd promised to make some Spätzle and invited all the boys around for it. Prior to having the meal getting there was interesting. Ended up on toll roads I didn't want to be on and was speeding (and caught) for the first time, so I'd had enough of the car. Staying at Katherins was fun, and I met Thomas in Sydney, my long time neighbour from back home and one of my younger brothers mates. Then ever further onwards. Spent a couple of nights with the Morgans in Mt. Buller again, but didn't go up the mountain this time around. Wanted to charge 50$ or something like that just to drive my own car to the top. Both Morgans said not worth it with the current snow conditions so I passed up on that. Driving through Melbourne was fun as usual (not) and the country after that looked flooded (oh, ohh). I planned to spend a bit at Reds until Shovel gave me a call, and it ended up being a whole month. They can't do anything about it, as the weather wrecked any chance of working the paddocks with machinery. Then again in that month I did learn to shot claybirds a lot better with Red and I'd say I'm a bit better at wielding a twelve gauge shotgun. Did a tiny bit of stock work as well, but most of the paddock didn't even allow for that.
After the weeks went by I finally got a call from Boom and went up to the job in the north-eastern section. Did three days of work raking (which is actually more fun than it sounds like) and even had a drive in a bailer and saw how they worked. I'll see if I can get a similar job when I spend a while in New Zealand. But for now it rained again, so I'm in the (rather modern) accommodation we have here, reading books, watching TV (which I don't really like doing normally), writing blogs and reading things on the internet. Sun was out again and the hopes are up we can get back to work.