Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Vilser Alm

Out on the bike again after two weeks, at last. Also means my body has had near to no training in that time, due to me having college.
Nico was waiting at the door for a change, as I had been playing computer with another friend a bit to long. Packed my things in a hurry, which later turned out to be not so good. After packing everything we set of towards the Vilser Alm. Biking towards Hertingen we overtook three other bikers, and because of my navigational skills we met them shortly later again. I had sent us through Hertingen the wrong way so they had a chance to catch up. Towards Rebichel, and then the Falkenstein, they stuck behind us, as we had overtaken them again. When my navigation failed once again they proved helpful information at how to proceed.
Along the Vils with Nico testing his technical brain capability on a small dam. We were missing some sort of equipment as it didn't work. Over the Vils after that and then uphill towards the Vilser Alm. Didn't sound that much at the bottom, only 3.4km and 350 altitude meter, but it was a bit. Had a short break near the bottom with Nico reading through the rules on using the road. Uphill after that, passing through Alpine forest, past mountain rivers and the mountains highlighted in the sun surrounding us. My fast packing had revenge somewhere there, my GPS batteries were nearly flat. Still managed to record everything, thought.
Reaching the Vilser Alm we had a short pause, meting two tramping guys which stayed on the mountain for the night. Carried on a bit further, passing a sign pointing towards Hundsarschjoch. Reaching out top we got on long clothes and set of downhill. Not along the road but strait across the field. Some crackpot idea of Nicos, but still fun. He fell of the bike at one point without sustaining any mayor injuries. After that shooting down the mountain, reaching Vilstal in record time and then back towards home.
The journey towards home was rather tedious. It was getting cold and we were exhausted, but we pressed on. Had to navigate through Pfronten full of building sites and then cross a train track to get on the road to home.
Said goodbye to Nico at the Pizzeria Il Castello and then up the last hill (Hennersteig) to a shower and a chat with dad.
Track at GPSies and some pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 58 min.
Distance: 43.73 km
Average speed: 14.7 km/h
Altitude meters: 623 m

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Schnitzlertal

Nice warm day today, nearly to hot. The plan had been to bike with the Tuesday group up to the Schnitzleralm and further on. That plan went to scrap as it turned out, due to uncertain weather conditions, that the Group was turning back to race biking. So Nico and I set of at six o'clock towards the Haslacher Alm and then perhaps round the back of the Alpspitze.
On our way to Gschwend I had a phone call from dad. The message: Jon is not going biking at all today (his boys have birthday tomorrow) and everybody else was prepared for mountain biking anyway, except a few individuals. So me and Nico set of back towards Brand and met up with the Tuesday Group. After a few meeting problems we were FINNALY ready to go at 20 to seven.
Set of towards Gschwend again and then went down into Wertachtal. Biked along the valley and then through Haslach along the Grüntensee. Heidi took some detour at one point which led us along forest trails and back roads towards Wertach. In the end it took about half an hour longer to get to Wertach, but so worth it. Some of the trails looked like a forgotten path in England, the nettles that stung us and the thorns that gripped us were testimonial to that.
After that interesting detour, also getting caught in some roots on a downhill run, we reached Wertach and went towards Kranzegger Steig. Before reaching it we turned left and went uphill, and uphill and uphill. We passed the hut Group 1 sheltered in last year due to stormy weather and continued on. All in bright sunshine, no rain clouds anywhere. It went up and up, past the Schnitzleralm. Nico at one point decided to have a sprint up the mountain and came back a bit exhausted. Reaching the top after some time, Nico went even higher, but had to stop when it got so steep his front wheel lifted of the ground. Getting changed we then set of downhill, with pink, sun highlighted clouds surrounding us. Through ditches and across stones we went alongside the mountain. At one point I lifted my front wheel over a ditch, but my back one slammed into it full force. The end result was my second flat tyre this year.
After fixing that, a wild chase downhill with Nicos back tyre jumping around the place. I can only say that as it was the only thing I was concentrating on. Reached a cliff with a sharp bend and got of for a short bit. Nico biked down (crazy). After all reaching the bottom we carried on but had to compromise, as the lumberjacks where out and about again. Probably not that late but we took a detour. After a field and some dark patches in a forest we reached the road back to Wertach. Raced along that with the slipstream technique and reached Wertach in no time. Back along the Grüntensee with lights on, Vera having a floodlight (probably from the ski piste) with her. Said goodbye to Nico at the Römerbrücke and then all back to Nesselwang for showers and bed.
A super tour extra done because of me never biking up there, thanks!
Track at GPSies, pictures at Picasa, Dads blog here and a video from Nico here.

Time in saddle: 3 hours 20 min.
Distance: 41,72 km
Average speed: 12,5 km/h
Altitude: 742 m

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday Pfeiferberg

Typical Thursday set up once more. The day tends to be nice and sunny with a few clouds here and there and towards the evening it always darkens down. Set of from home with a rare drop of water here and there. Felt it more than saw it and whilst waiting for Heidi and Gabi had a chat with the neighbour.
Reaching the gym we were greeted by a fair amount of people, even Wulfi, which is a rare sight in these weather conditions. Set of at 18.45, as usual, and headed of towards the Haslacher Alm. Instead of going strait past it we turned left a bit before and continued up Stubental to the Stubentalalm. Moni and me stuck to the back to conserve our energy for later uphill trips. We heard Sepps gears messing about, a problem which will most likely be repaired sooner than later. A short walk and we were near the Stubentalalm. Down a bit and then right, up the Pfeiferberg. Did a few stops on that part of the trip, as I have never been up there before and wanted to get some pictures. We rallied at a few stops and walked through some mud to get to the Obere Reuterwanne. Long clothes on as we were heading downhill, a few nosy cows standing nearby. Sepp opened a gate for us and apparently closed it again when half of the group had passed through. We met a bit downhill at which point I heard a strange whistling sound. I asked if somebody had a puncture and it turned out Sepp did have one in his front wheel. After repairing the puncture we sped down to Wertach, with a short detour over Bichel. Considering the dark sky, we went along the right side of the Grüntensee and later in Wertachtal, Inge suggested we take the route up to Reichenbach. Shortly after we set of it started spitting some raindrops so we high tailed it to Gschwend instead and then strait back to the Bistro. Hopsing arrived shortly after and told us he had met Wulfi coming the other way, who was fleeing the dark storm clouds that Group 2 had been biking towards.
A fun evening with lively discussions in the Bistro.
Track at GPSies, some pictures at Picasa, Dads report from Group 2 here and a detailed report here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 30 min.
Distance: 31.83 km
Average speed: 12.3 km/h
Altitude: 750m

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday Bärenmoos and Pfronten

Once more it is Tuesday, every week actually.
Back to biking with Nico and I am slowly running out of ideas where to bike. We have already completed the Breitenberg, so there isn't much more we can go in altitude. Today's aim was Himmelsreich, a valley along a mountain ridge. Before we set of thought, Nico had some problems with his back disc brake. I mentioned that they could be wearing down, so we biked back to Nicos. Spent about 20 minutes trying to fix his back brakes, and succeeded in the end (with the help of a pair of pliers).
After that back towards Pfronten, the standard route through Pfronten Kappel. After that towards Röfleuten, Nico and me messing around a bit with speed. We met a jogger which Nico thinks was for the second time. She probably is out every Tuesday too. After that along Vilstal and up Bärenmoos. Was a bit of a stretch to go, but we had a lively conversation which reduced the felt time. Along the top for a bit, taking a detour through a field for a good video. Down the stony section after that. Last time I had come down here it seemed a lot more rocky, but that has been a few years ago. Back along Achtal to Pfronten with the long loop around to get back to Nesselwang. Nico suggested having an ice, as it was still rather early, but as we neared Nesselwang, dark thunderclouds could be seen on the horizon. Deciding for the way home we split up at the swimming pool and I just got home in time. Once I was out of the shower it was raining.
Track at GPSies and a picture at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 20 min.
Distance: 34.75 km
Average speed: 14.2 km/h