Thursday, December 16, 2010

End Of Biking, Beginn Of Skiing

Shame on me. Haven't written anything for, what now, 3 months. Bike season ended with the Dolomites and there has been no biking my sides within these months.

But the ski season has started so its of onto the skis. Being a ski teacher again this year so I will be on the slopes a lot.

Also, instead of biking our group is now doing sport in the gym in Nesselwang. So, by for biking now and see you next year.

I'll probably be posting things mainly about skiing now.

Ski Season is opened!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dolomites Day 4

Woke up at 7.00 today. Dad started packing because he wanted to do a short cycling tour with some others. I got up later (about 30min) and went to breakfast.

After breakfast I packed while Dad got ready for the ride. After packing I loaded up the car with everybody's stuff. Then the cyclists started and shortly afterwards the rest went of in the bus. Kurt and Wolfi went to sun themselves while Jon, Moni and me went to do a Geocach. The rest went further up. Up a valley with a river in it and the hint was "wet". We just couldn't find it. After 30min we found it nearly under a waterfall so it was wet.
Returned back to Wolfi and Kurt which were sunbathing by a river, so we joined them. Later Dad rang up and wanted to know where his car keys where. He had told me to leave them in the hotel but I had forgotten and taken them with. Raced back home with everybody so he could get changed and just stopped to reserve a table at a pizzeria for later.

Got to the hotel, gave Dad the keys so he could get ready and then filled up the trailers with bikes. Took about an hour but after that we went to the restaurant for a pizza.

After lunch the journey back home, only with a short stop at the Rosenberger motorway stop again.

On the way there always seemed to be a race going on between Kurt and Wolfi which where driving the buses. At one point Wolfi killed his motor whilst starting and Kurtl took the lead laughing his head of.

So it carried on like that until we arrived in Nesselwang.

Unloaded Sontheims, then Inges and Karins bikes. Later at Jon's we all said goodbye to each other and all went home. Long journey back and the last time I saw the Dolomites today.

No track as no cycling for me but pictures at Picasa.

Dolomites Day 3

Woke up today morning with aching legs and thought: "Na, cant do it".

Had breakfast and looked at the tour. Shortly after, I went to Jon's to ask if he was doing a group 1.5. Answer was yes, so I went with Jon, Moni and Patrick. It turned out to be a “walking wounded” group. Jon felt sick and had a cold, Moni also didn't feel to well and had a cold and Patrick had a blister on his foot. I had aching muscles and after my experience yesterday I had no "bock" to go with group one. So group 1.5 started of first in a nice speed uphill. Not a steep hill, thought. Carried on like that in brilliant scene between the Dolomites. Forest left and right and the mountains behind that. Pictures at Picasa.

On the way we stopped to do a Geocach at which group 1 and 2 overtook us. We found it and carried on through the valley.

Arrived at the bottom of a cliff and just saw group 2 going up it. After a 5 min. stop we followed them and soon got of. 35% steepens with slipy concrete to go up. Carried on and always thought: "The end must be here soon". Met some friendly mountaineers on the way which took some bikes after we had met group 2. These we met at about half way.

After that it was gravel to the top were there was the first hut. Lay in the sun shortly between to brilliant looking mountains and had our lunch. Then went on to the hut which was there to have a coffee. At the hut Jon and Moni decided to turn round and go back and they were looking a bit peaky so they went down while me and Patrick carried on with group 2 to the next hut.

Cycling (or pushing) through a nice shrub-forest to the next hut and the scenery was always getting better. At one point we saw where group 1 was going to cycle and me and Patrick thought "Thank goodness we didn't cycle with them". Carried on to the next hut which had an old WWII aircraft run next to it (could have flown up, why didn't we think of it before). All raced to the hut which then turned out to be full so we carried on to the next.

At one point Kurt said if the hut wasn't round the next curve he would turn round. It was only three so we went to that hut (sorry, forgotten the name) at about 2200m hight.

Again, great view and even better when you have something to eat to. After a meal me and Patrick started of at going downhill as Dad said the rest could take a while. Patrick raced of straight away and I lost him shortly but found him stuck behind a heard of cows which were being taken down the mountain. Good way to stop him actually, but he found a short cut past them to which I said I wouldn't go down there. So I somehow got past (scattering the herd in the forest ;)) and carried on behind him. Where we had lunch we stopped and had a nap four a while until the rest came.

After that came Wolfis nightmare. As Patrick cycles down nearly everything he wasn't just going to stop at a 35% drop of concrete if his father told him to. He didn't by the way and no, we didn't find a smear of blood on a cliff wall somewhere. It turned out not to be that steep and slippery actually. A lot cycled down on the concrete and Moni got up at some points to.

But then the herd from before was back, with two cars behind. I didn't get past the herd but I did manage the cars. When I was in front of them it felt like they where going to slip onto me so I went behind them again.

Arrived at the bottom safely and carried on to the hotel which we actually only had to roll to. Ate an ice cream and then went to showers to clean up.

After about an hour group 1 turned up and said that we missed a lot: views and apparently they where filmed to.

Track at GPSies and so ended our last long tour of the Dolomites which look stunning.

Dolomites Day 2

Got woken up today by three different alarms. One: my iPhone alarm (7.29), Two: Dads Blackberry alarm (7.30) and Three: Somebody knocking at our door (7.40).
After we'd woken up and got dressed we went to breakfast. Big buffet on which everybody got full. Passed around the list of drinks we had yesterday which seemed a bit wrong and then the menu for today evening. After all that we went to get ready.
At 9.00 all (from group one) were ready. Started of the same way as yesterday but turned right instead of left at some point.
From then on it seemed to get steeper and steeper and steeper. Started of with 12% steepness, went on with 20% and in the end 30% steepness. Even Inge got of, something wed never seen before. It then started of that a group 1.5 evolved because there are some in group one which are a bit slow (me included). But the scenery was superb. Great pictures at Picasa. After getting past this huge part (it was 7,5 km uphill of which about 10-20% we pushed) we had our lunch at 2200m looking at a spectacular view of the Alps. Also saw a Edelweis (rare flower) and a shepherd with his heard. Must be some job working at that height. Then we cycled about 300m downhill and nearly broke our necks to drink a coffee in an alm at that hight. Long WALK down after that hut and all the walkers were saying it would still take ages. But then, a field (were I lost my drink bottle), and after that the best time of the day. Cycling on a bumpy, stony trail at a great downhill part. Right the river with mountains behind. Left more big mountains. River was actual a wady (river that only runs water in Winter or spring). Arrived at the Pragser Wildsee with more mountains. One word: brilliant. After a stop we carried on and after 50m Patrick had a problem with the back gear. Carried on but waited at the next few buildings. After about quarter of an hour they arrived. Jon had tried to fix the problem but only the first four gears worked properly.
It also turned out that Terence Hill was making a new film by the buildings but we didn't see him. After that it was 10 km downhill on which my top speed was 80.2 km/h. In that time Martin had a crash at about 40 km/h but he luckily landed in grass and had a few bruises, which a friendly dog helped him to get over. Then, main road with Italian drivers. Two lorries passed us at about half a meter and sounded their horns in the middle of our group (bastards). Cycling along the river after that was easy (Jon thinks it could be the river Po).
Then the pain began. Jon happily say "Only another 600 Höhenmeter" which felt like a lot more. First the front disappeared. Then I was alone at the back but later Jon, Moni and Patrick waited for me. The last 300-500m where the wourst cycling experience I have ever had till now. Felt sick, could only fell my muscle pain and apparently I was white in the face. At the top downhill but my senses weren't working properly so I had to go slow. Then a surprise: Patrick turned wrong and carried on and the rest went correct. He later caught up with us and said he raced behind at about 100 km/h.
Then, at last, the hotel. After 50 km and 2000 Höhenmeter. Ordered a Cola straight away and filled up my sugar. Later great food to get fit again.
Totally KO but great scenery. Track at GPSies (if any NORMAL person wants to do this).
Will have to see about tomorrow. Perhaps a group 1.5 ;).

Dolomites Day 1

Day of journey. Started of good. Got to the gym and sent all people to the cars to start.
Then, first big mistake. Dad and Jon probably thought that they'd want a Burger so instead of going to Füssen on the motorway they turned of to Kempten to go to McDonalds (also Füssen has one to I don't know why they did that really). Got a blink-warning from Kurt and changed his direction to Füssen.
Later in Austria we repaired a broken door on one of our buses with Martins help and met Hopsing. In the Rosenberger motorway stop we had a brilliant breakfast (eggs with ham) and then carried on along the Italy road system (two words: very expensive).
Arrived at the hotel after 4 hours and big problem. To little space. Two buses, two trailers and one car. But stored it all in the end.
Then our first tour. 1700 Höhenmeter on the first day. Are we mad? Could be. Cycling up a steep mountain which didn't look step we met nearly all the Transalpine jogging people. Also to English guys with a chant: “we are fat, we are round, we're good at going downhill”.
Carried on cycling with brilliant views of the Dolomites. Track at GPSies and photos at Picasa. VERY step as said. And it freaking DIDN'T look steep. We felt it but didn't see it. Weird.
Arrived at the top and it started to rain slightly. Just in time to go into a restaurant at the top. Ate a little there which turned out to be very expensive. After we paid a horrendous bill we carried on downhill. We missed a turn downhill, Matthias flew over his handle bars and we were nearly all killed by lorries (Italian lorry driver, which stay put in the middle of the road. And Patrick was especially at risk as he was nearly at the front downhill all the time). But, hey, we staid alive to tell the tale. Arrived at the bottom and had to redirection our route as we had come "a little" of the GPS route. It turned out we had about 200-300 Höhenmeter more in the end than planed because of that. Arrived at the hotel after a bendy and uphill + downhill road to find out group two had arrived already. Also on the way Jon did two Geocaches of which he "only" found one (50% at least, woha)
Step and long tour uphill with brilliant view.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Herzler Hütte

Started of at the gym (as nearly every Thursday actually).

Quiet a few people + two new "oldies" (don't take this wrong). Two guys from Stuttgart on a tour with us. Come once a year to cycle with us. Missed them last year but met them this year.

Also Martin was there, for the second time this year.

So, to cycling. Went up to the Herzler Hütte. Track is at GPSies. As said, started at the gym (or in our case our home). Went up to Bayerstetten, past Reichenbach and then up past the Haslacher Alm (left actually). Then up a LONG and step trip uphill until to the Herzler Hütte. Then down in semi-darknes. Top speed 79.4 km/h. Got a tell of from Karin for "speeding". Back home through Gschwend and then to the Bistro and then home.

Steep and short tour.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cold (non)Sorgalm Tour

First freezing tour of the season. Getting near to 10 degrees i'd say. May even have been colder.

So, started of at Johns and went towards Pfronten. Track at GPSies by the way. Then carried on through Vilstal where the Vils was transporting a LOT of water. Wouldn't want to go swimming in that. Took some pictures a bit further along. All picis at Picasa. Not from me but from Dad and Jon.

Then carried on uphill and then later through a stream which got me soaking by the feat. Uphill through some mist. Downhill past the dam or sewage. Through Jungholz (looking like Christmas with the lights) and then along the main road home through Wertach.

Sounds short but it was 40 km in about 10 degrees and some brilliant scenery.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday Bodensee Tour

So, VERY long Wednesday. Had a bike tour on Wednesday to the Bodensee. Bout a hundred kilometres long.

Started of at Jons with about sixteen people. Then cycled of towards Gschwend and to the Grüntensee. Along the Grüntensee to Wertach and then of to Rettenberg. I don't know al the way, only to about the end of Wertach but the track is at GPSies. So, before Rettenberg we had a very long trip down. Really set up our average speed. Then of towards Immenstadt where we got caught in a short rainstorm. But looking over to Oberstdorf it was nothing. Big rainfall and we were thinking “Good that we don't have to cycle in that”. After Immenstadt it went on towards the Bodensee but as said I don't know the rest. Just know it went through some valleys and then off to the flatlands were we had a brilliant snack.

Shortly after our break we had the first accident of the day. After letting a few cows pass there was a long downhill run. As nearly al of us had mountain bikes we went whizzing down, but Johanna had a trekking bike which didn't really take the first curve that well. Apparently she went flying of the front into grass and then braked of with her head. Lucky she had her helmet on and it was grass. Not a scratch just three lumps on her head which you couldn't see.

After that everything carried on normal but then dads tyre started letting out air. So we waited at the top of a hill until he had repaired it. In the meantime Karin started saying that it was getting late and we should take the train from Hergatz, in which we were at the moment. Shortly later dad came and said his repair tyre had a puncture too, great. So he had to cycle on with his old one letting air out all the time. In Hergatz we got our tickets and shortly after that found out that the train wouldn't take us aboard as it was full of bikes already.

So after that we cycled on to Lindau while five people staid in Hergatz hoping to get the next train. On our way to Lindau I once again said a wrong direction reading from the GPS so we all had to turn round. It then somehow happened that I and Heidi hooked our bike horns together which resulted in me falling on her while her foot was still in the clicky so she broke her foot and a loot of other things. Not a nice sight.

Just great. Next accident which I was in. After calling the ambulance and assuring that everything was legal now we carried on to Lindau were we arrived at about twenty past eight. Dad went on to the hospital to ensure Heidi had arrived safely while the rest of us went to the station to catch the train. But of course it wouldn't take us as it was a “no bike” train. Meant we were going to miss the train in Kempten to Nesselwang. So Julius rang up his Dad and asked if he could pick us all up in the horse truck. All bikes would fit in but not all people so Johanna rang up Jon while we were having a drink on the promenade to ask if he could take the rest.

It turned out that the other five we had left in Hergatz hadn't taken the train either because they weren't let in. As a result they had rung Jon and Egon (Greis Reisen, a bus company) to pick them up. As our train arrived in Hergatz three of us got out and drove with Egon while the rest carried on and was picked up in Kempten by Juliuses dad. Late at night dad was then picked up in Kempten by Sepp or Moni which had offered to pick him up from there.

So very long day with the most misfortune stuff I have had biking till now. But nice views of the valleys and flatlands.

Pictures at Picasa from me and dad.

Bericht at the TV Nesselwang site.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gappenfeldalpe Sunday Biketour

One day back from England and my Dad takes me up a huge mountain. Highest up I have ever been on a bike.

Started of from home (where else), and cycled to Pfronten. Then went through a load of Valleys (Engetal,...) and cycled up the Strindenscharte to the Gappenfeldalpe. Track at GPSies.

On the way I had a accident at he bottom which has bruised my hand quiet baddly so it wasn't easy going uphill.

Great views of the Tannheimer- and Lechtal + mountains. Also loads of waterfalls and cows + horses. Pictures at Picasa from me and dad.

So we arrived at the Gappenfeldalpe and seconds later it started poring down. Luckily the alp was open and we had a delicious cheese bread with apple juice and an apple cake. It hadn't stooped raining so we put our waterproofs on and cycled back downhill. When we arrived in Tannheimertal the rain stooped so we put our jackets of and cycled on downhill. Seemed like all the rain stayed in Lechtal. But it caught us up whilst we were cycling along the Tannheimertal. So jacket out and on again. Then arrived in Wertachtal were we took them of again. After that a tarmac rout home until to Wertach where we had an ice. Cycled back round the Grüntensee until we noticed it had flooded so we stuck to the road.

Got home with wet feet to a warm bath. Brilliant track.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Maria Trost Wet

Wet biking today. So wet it seem like my GPS didn't record the Track. Sorry, but there is no track at GPSies today.

As said, really wet tour. Arrived by the Alpspitzhalle dryish but it started raining then. So some of the group went strait to the “Hoigart” instead of biking, but quiet a few did bike. Then it started really raining cats and dogs. Drenched in minutes. Biked uphill to Maria Trost but staid in the forest. Back down and up again to get the altitude up. End bike to the chapel, then turn round and cycle home. Breaks weren't working properly. Great. Arrived home drenched with everything technical also wet.

Well, that's live. Camera staid dryish. Picture at Picasa.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sorry I'm one day late, again. Always get back to late.

As we where al finished from the Sunday tour, except Heidi, we decided to do a relatively flat route. Rottachseetour is quiet flat so we decided to do that. Biked through the Wertachtal, past the Sticherweiher and on to the Rottachsee. By the Rottachsee we stopped by the dam holding all the lake water back. Took a group photo at the lake, which is at Picasa with some more.

After the lake we carried on back home and I always had to speed up a bit because I always wanted to make photos, as it was a brilliant evening for biking.

Arrived home eventually and nearly got my hand bitten of by Ruby, Monis dog, as we drank some drinks by her.

Nice flat tour with great scenery. Track at GPSies.

More info at Neills site.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Bike Tour

Today we had our first Sunday tour this year. Is a bit late actually so it was about time we did one. Started of at Jon's and then went to the Elleg through Gschwend.

Had to Newbies which Karin had meet biking across the Alps in to Italy. Very sporty guys. So after the Elleg we went in direction of the Grünten, the “Wächter des Allgäus”. I don't know the area there that well so I cant do any accurate way-explanations. All I know is that we went up some very step steps, through a swamp and biked through some rivers. Track is at GPSies for more accurate viewing.

By the last river we had to wait a bit for Neill and Julius, so the rest decided to go on and order the drinks and “Brotzeit”. While waiting I got my cam ready and did some photos, which are at Picasa. Jon and Neill also took some. So at the Roßbergalm we all had our Brotzeit except Jon which had to carry on after a drink to a birthday party in Oberzollhaus. He prepared our track by the way so I wonder why it got so difficult after the Roßbergalm. (Just fun Jon). After our delicious lunch, we whizzed downhill towards the Iller and cycled along that. Towards the end there was suddenly a terrible scraping noise behind me. Julius complete back gear holder had fallen of. So after taking him to the nearest point at which his neighbour could pick him up with the car we carried on two people less. Neill had decided to go with Julius as he was exhausted. As it turned out the car was too small anyway so he had to cycle along the track later. Poor Neill.

As it was getting quiet late after the accident we decided to take the roads home as Moni and Klaus had to be somewhere else later. Along the Rottachsee on tarmac (all uphill) with three top fit bikers was really exhausting. Lost them at some points but me and Moni stayed together most of the time, but I lost her before the bridge by Gschwend. So we waited and she turned up eventually.

After that it was a quick run home with a a nice warm bath waiting and a Neill coming home later than planed. Report (should) be at this link.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Yesterday (Thursday) we went biking up towards the Obere Reuterwanne, and for somebody who isn't an expert that track will probably nearly kill you. The first third is just slippery gravel steep uphill. Sounds difficult, is difficult. Had to really strain my muscles to get some speed to not fall over. But then at the top, as always, you're really happy.

After that went to the Sorgalm to have a drink and to small spirits. Don't want to fall over on the way back. Way back was then all tarmac as it was dark and we wanted to get home quick. Learnt some good wind trail lessens from Jon on how to save energy.

Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa (pic 1 + pic 2) and from Jon.

Report at Bike Club 2010.


Today (actually last Tuesday), we went biking to the Hängebrücke and as that didn't take to long decided to do the Sieben Seen (which are actually 11 ½ Lakes) with a short dip in the Attlesee. I myself didn't go swimming as I didn't have any swim-stuff with me.

Oh, and not to forget we were have bitten to death by horseflies. If you just stood still they all came to you. Had about fife to eight horseflies at once trying to suck my blood.

Great Track which is at GPSies and a few pictures at Picasa.

Vilser Alm

Sorry I'm a bit late (about a week), but it has been quiet busy. Finish biking at about eleven at the moment because the sun is up so long and then have to get up at 5 o'clock the next morning to get to school.

Well, last Thursday we went biking to the Vilser Alm which is in Austria. One of the hottest days in the year till now, but nobody did of dehydration. Nice track the Vilser Alm through the Vilstal and back. Track at GPSies.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Kappeler Alm; with puncture

Got back from school today and wondered what I could do this afternoon by nearly 30°C. So I decided to go biking. Perhaps I should have left it. At the beginning it went up about 45° constantly. So got to the top of that and then had to climb over some large stones which where damp. By the way: Track is at GPSies. So after that came the dry mud in which the cows had made a load of holes. Fall over time. And then a big ditch in which I went flying over the saddle. Sounds like it wasn't fun. OK, not as good as other times but there are bad day. So then I finally got to the Kappeler Alm; after having a puncture. Dam, no spare pipe. Ring around; nope, nobody's got time. Well, no other option than too push. So down it went in one and a half hours what you'd normally manage in 10 minutes.

Enough complaining. Also a picture at Picasa.

And it was still a bit of fun. ;-)

Breitenberg biking

My first blog entry, exiting.

And as a good start I'll start with biking. Yesterday, pardon but it was late and I was tired, we went up the Breitenberg, one of the biggest/highest mountains in the area. As we got back late I fell in to bed straight away as I had school next day.

To the trip: Started in Nesselwang at 18.30 and cycled towards Pfronten, then biked round the back to finally start going uphill. The biking uphill was fine, just there were a load of flies around and they had a pick at me. A bit distracting. Reached the top and was worth biking up. Brilliant view. Jon has put in a few picies.Then came the downhill part. You'd think its easy too bike downhill. Never. Large lumps of stones and only a bike which is travelling at 60km/h between you and the ground. Scary. Came to the bottom in one peace. Good.And for last. Biking back home at night.

Track at GPSies. Great tour.