Saturday, June 14, 2014

Paintball Weekend

Spent the weekend in the Czech Republic, playing Gotcha with Nico, Johanna, Daniel, Robert and Markus. Was my birthday party you could say. Drove there on Friday, four hours of driving. Had a stop for some dinner on the way and arrived at about 22.00 o'clock. We had two bungalows completely for us where we spent the night. The whole next day was dedicated trying to tag our opponents with colour.
Started in the morning at 8 o'clock with just 3 vs. 3, both from our group and it developed to a huge match at 2 PM with nary to 200 players which was postponed for a while, as we had a small forest fire on the playing field. Got a few bruises and I was tagged in under ten seconds in two games. I think the others got a few bashes and bruises too, but nothing remotly serious. Had a multitude of matches over the day, on a variety of playing fields. It is the biggest Gotcha field in Europe after all. Ended the day with a full plate from a BBQ and a shower before we spent the night at the local bar and stayed up rather late.
Next day it was pack your bags and back home again. Fun weekend and we did use up a rather large amount of paint. 
Webpage of the Gotcha field is here

Monday, June 9, 2014


Breitenberg was the plan for today. Had met up with Nico and Marty yesterday for a swim in a local lake and we decided that today we would bike up there.
Marty drove to my house and after that we set of towards the Breitenberg. Nico and me still noticed our sore legs from two days prior. We may be good at biking downhill, but walking down a steep mountain in the early mornings is not what we are used to. Going towards Pfronten we had a bit of a head wind, but managed to Pfronten Kappel and onwards no problem (I still got lost there). After that up through Achtal to the back of the Breitenberg, where the firs surprise was waiting. The complete way up we wanted to bike up had been closed due to timber felling. After a short brake we saw a car with very lumberjacky looking people come down and as it was a bank holiday we concluded that there would be no danger. Started biking uphill with Nico rocketing of nearly instantly, me coming second and Marty bringing up the rear. After going uphill for a while we heard some weird hollow sound. Turned out it was a woodpecker pecking an old tree. Carried on even higher until we had to give Marty some moral support for the last stretch of road. Reaching the top we where once again greeted by breathtaking Alpine scenery. Had a bite to eat and something to drink before we put our long clothes on to go downhill. Was a rather interesting tour downhill, basically it amounted to a few things. Bad track conditions on some way, near accident on my (and I think Martys) side, a puncture for me (number three this year) and some drifting for Marty and Nico. Reaching the bottom we powered back to Nesselwang before the presumed thunderstorm hit. We have had hot conditions the whole day, but in the evening the usual thunderclouds where rolling in.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 3 hours 20 min.
Distance: 43 km
Average speed: 12,8 km/h

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Timelapse Buron

Interesting night this weekend. Nico and me have been planning a photo session at night for a long time now, to make a few timelapse videos. I had extra ordered a batch of new batteries and a new 32 gig SD card. Batteries where a bit late in the postal system, so I did not get them on time. Guess what ran out first.
Nevertheless, after spending the day driving up and down mountains with Dad on AllgäuDSL business, Nico and I set of towards our destination. Parked the car and still had a trek uphill, I managed to get us a bit lost on the way up. Reaching the top, we where there early as planned and got everything set up. Started timelapsing and after a few hours had our dinner on a camp stove. Let the cameras run overnight whilst camping up there. I slept through one of my alarms and missed readjusting the camera for one and a half hours. Battery was nearly flat, but it was enough for a few more seconds of video footage. Nico managed to get some really super images of the Milky Way sometime in the night. By the time morning had come we had a load of pictures, in total something ridiculous like 4600 pictures. After packing together our gear we set of downhill at very steep angle as we went strait down a ski piste. By the time we reached the bottom our knees where aching. As we both had forgotten anything for breakfast we went to the bakery and had to wait for ten minutes for it to open. After breakfast back home for a few hours of rest.
YouTube video of the timelapse can be found here.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Falkenstein Detour

Out biking with the Thursday group, after a few weeks of not being able of going with them. Met up at the Alpspitzhalle as usual, with only Karin sitting there. I started wondering if we where really going to be so few, but until we left we managed to get the count up to seven people for Group 1. Group 2 set of on their way and at some point passed the Sorgalm, so we concluded that they would be a bit late.
We had our aims set for the Falkenstein, a normally early season tour as the Falkenstein is not a mountain, per say. More of a very rocky big hill (yes, yes, that might classify as a mountain). But as Inge was our tour guide, we weren't expecting an “easy” run. First aim, Kappel. I took a wrong turn in Wank already, thinking we would take the usual route. Went along the main road, saves us from having to cross it further on. Through Kappel and then up the mountain behind the Heuschuppen. Very steep, I think everybody started sweating. The last bit had to be pushed and after that it was along the side of the mountain to Pfronten. Biked through the village, also taking a few detours here and there. Arrived at the bottom of the Falkenstein and started biking up whilst we where passed by a bunch of Porsches going up to the hotel at the top. Arrived at the top for a group photo and then it was back down again, a slight variation of the way up, consisting of more trail and less tarmac. The holes in the trail seem to be getting deeper and more dangerous every year. Through now sunlit fields with nosy young cows in them, stepping over gates all along the way. Hopsing speed of after a while, but we weren't to worried, he always finds back sometime. Through Pfronten Rebichel and up a hill that bought us back to exactly where we had started going up. Back over to Pfronten Kappel and up past the Heuschuppen and down a trail I have not been down yet. Heidi shocked me a bit, as she was in front of me and had to nearly get of, but her, Hopsing and me got down without incident. Everybody did in the end, but Karmen fell over shortly after the trail and sprained her ankle. Nothing lethal, so we went back to the Bistro for a drink and then home for a shower.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 30 min.
Distance: 33 km
Average speed: 13.0 km/h

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Light Show Reuterwanne

Back on the bike, as it is Tuesday once again. The weather seemed to be rather mild with us today. There was a torrential downpour in the afternoon, but by the evening the sky had cleared up a bit.
Set of with Nico towards Obere Reuterwanne, as I have not been up there yet this year. Also a rather short tour, as my apprenticeship is nearing its end and the exams are looming closer.
To Gschwend via the back way and I finally managed to get up the short steep hill near the beginning. A first on my side. Through Gschwend, Reichenbach and then up past the Haslacher Alm. After the Alm up through the forest, where we were chased by a cuckoo (it was timed, it “cuckooed” every two seconds). The sky was getting a bit overcast and there where a few drops of rain here and there, but not something marginal. Passed two biker coming down, the first we had seen up till now.
Reached the Obere Reuterwanne and had a super view towards the Grünten, the “Gurdian of Allgäu”. Rain was moving in from the north, creating an brilliant picture with the sun shinning through the clouds. Carried on to our panorama point, but went right up the mountain, to the end of the ski lift. Low and beholds, what did we find? One of Amisols (AllgäuDSL) mast. That road was probably built there for a reason, but you would need something akin to a chain driven vehicle to get up there. Did a few pictures at the top and then went back down past the Unter Reuterwanne Alm. The rain had caught up with us at that point, and we where a showered on the way down in cold rain. Me twice as Nico has no mud guards and was in front of me. Reached the bottom (saw a rainbow) and went to Wertach, where the roads weren't even wet. Around the Grüntensee, taking the wood chip path (sucks out your stamina) and back home to Nesselwang via the bridge that spans the Wertach.
Tack at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours
Distance: 28,7 km
Average speed: 13,4 km/h