Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Oberjoch Christmas Skiing

Traditionally one of the first things we do on Christmas Day is skiing. Mum has to mostly attend church and Daniel and Rhiannon were sleeping, so it was me and dad this time.
As we have had warm weather which has melted away a lot of snow (cry), we went to Oberjoch for an hour and a half to ski on nearly empty slopes which were iced up. The tourists were probably afraid to go down as most of them where huddled near the tops of the slopes.
After a hot chocolate and another fast trip downhill it was back home to unpack presents and for Christmas lunch. 
Dads blog here.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jungholz Skiing

Lots of skiing today!
First of all it was with the ski teachers to Jungholz for some practical training and to tell us what we are not doing correct on our skies. Up and down a few times with Werner and Jon telling us to ski backwards and do the snow plough. After the training we had a cup of hot chocolate and coffee at the bottom and then home for lunch.
In the afternoon we (the Hogarth boys + Rhiannon) went back to Jungholz with the French boys. Lots of fast skiing this time and some of piste powder skiing. As the final me and dad had quite a crash (hitting each other) and he now has a big bruise on his leg. Still all had fun and ready for more this winter. Dads blog here.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

SoftAir December Training Nr. 1

Planed for a few weeks now to go out photographing a local Soft Air troop and they had their first December training this month so I tagged along. Had snowed a lot recently so it proofed interesting for me taking photos and them playing as it was all made more silent by the snow.
Had fun “kicking” trees too, which resulted in fine snow crashing down on us and sometimes hiding complete people, got the nickname of “smoke grenades”.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Skiteacher Training Nr. 1

Out with the ski teachers today, doing our first practical training this year. The older ones repeating kids practice that we can then do with our groups whilst the newbie ski teachers learnt it all for the first time. Daniel was there with me, whilst Rhiannon was of with some of her friends in Nürnburg and mum had a cello concert in the church.