Sunday, November 17, 2013

Egypt Day 1: Flight and Snorkeling

After two weeks of school, plus a weekend away from home, I was ready for something different. Coming back on Friday, I was of to a party with Johanna and Nico. Stayed there until they threw us out, as the good youth is supposed to do it.
Next day was spent packing and testing a new game mode. Packing was the big thing, because I am of to Egypt with Jon and Johanna. After sleeping for three to four hours until two in the morning, I packed the last things for the journey. Met Rhiannon coming home from somewhere and said goodbye. A few minutes later the two Frenches where in front of the door and we where of to Zürich. Our original flight from Munich had been cancelled, but we got 5 days longer in Egypt for less money, good for us. Reached Zurich about three hours after we left and parked the car, before trying to find the shuttle bus. After looking around, starting to walk a bit toward the airport and finding an other lost couple, we got some help from a local and found the bus stop. Waiting for a bit in the pre-winter weather of Switzerland, we caught the bus, arrived at the airport and checked in rather fast. The airport was rather empty, as it was 6 o'clock in the morning. Had some problems at the security check, as they probably thought that the diving lamp I had in my hand luggage was some kind of futuristic weapon. After filling out some forms we had a coffee whilst waiting for the plane. Got on as planned and the plane it's self was full, considering all the warnings Germany has been telling us about. I got the window seat (guy with the camera) and had a super view over the Alps emerging out of the autumn mist (temperatures being about 4°C). Saw the Alpspitze on our way to Sharm el Sheikh, followed by Venice and the coastline of the Adrian sea. Passed Crete at some point and the clouds from the Alps looked as if they where stretching all the way down to Africa. Us three watched a film on the way with some airline food in between. Landed in Sharm el Sheikh after approximately four hours of flight.
First time I have seen a desert with my own eyes. Got out of the plane and temperatures where near to 30 °C, seven times warmer than at home. Coming in to the terminal the first culture shock. Not the organised terminal of Europe, but a friendly, some times chaotic run airport from the locals. After finding our tour guide we where driven to the Melia Sina, our hotel here. Had some lunch on arrival and then got to our bedroom (after hearing a loud, elderly Russian discussing with the staff).
Problem in our room, three people, two beds. After three hours Johanna got her bed, followed with us registering ourselves at the local diving company. Had a warm welcome from Tanja, who received some chocolate and gummy bears from Jon. Johanna took me snorkelling for the first time following our registration. The sun was just setting so some fish had gone to bed, as there where only a few there. Did not stop a parrot fish rallying some cronies and attacking Johanna. Don't know what they where trying to achieve with that. Got some pictures of the sunset and under water, before heading back and having a chat with Jon and Mohamed (a local dive guide). Stuffed ourselves with the food of the restaurant later and then started writing the blog. Other two are asleep now (I think) and there is some disco music being played outside. Doesn't matter, am knackered enough to sleep.
More pictures at Picasa and a map of the reef here.

Diving time: 15 minutes
Diving depth: 5 meters
Speciality: Fish swarm attacking Johanna

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