Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Egypt Day 4: Ras Nasrani & Ras Ghamila

Jon and Johanna abandoned me today. They left at 5.30 am to visit the wreck of the “SS Thistlegorm” on the other side of the point of the Sinai Peninsula. I was left here to enjoy the sunset (which arrived 45 minutes later) with some other Russian photographers. Waited that long and then got some pictures of the rising sun and a bird in said sunlight.
After breakfast I then went diving with Hussein and Sergej (a Russian looking person who could only speak French). Diving at the house reef again, so no Zodiac in the morning. Went down to the platform at five meters depth and whilst Sergej did his check up I had a look at a canyon/cave. Then it was along Ras Nasrani looking out for some fish. A big Napoleon Fish swam above us near to the beginning, so all the snorkellers in that area had a highlight point. Carried on until we reached a sand bank and turned around at that point. I thought that the water looked like it was boiling underneath us, but it turned out to be a current of cold water. Noticed that by swimming right in to it. Back to the yeti from that point onwards, fighting against the current a bit. Sergej ran out of air on the way and it took some time to explain to him that he was supposed to breath and hold on to Hussein, not turn of his air. Proceeded along the reef and spotted something which I thought resembled squid. It then moved the wrong way, so I later found out it was a trumpet fish. That creature has the proportions of a stick, or like a flute (after which it is named in German). When we reached the yeti Hussein dropped Sergej off, as I still had 120 bar left in my tank. While he was doing this I watched a Clown fish bravely protect his home (from me) and later Hussein showed me a Lion Fish hiding under the yeti. Carried on along Ras Bob a bit, but then turned round and went back for some lunch after talking to Armin and Brigitte (two Germans which go diving regular).
After lunch I then went diving with Hussein, Armin and Brigitte at Ras Ghamila. Drove to the dive site in full gear and dropped of the side of the Zodiac soon afterwards. Whilst falling backwards I realised I forgot to inflate my jacket, so that was the first thing I did when I had a hand free. Went down after we had checked everyone was okay and swam against a current trying to drive us out to sea (that was along the whole journey, so we had to use a lot of flipper power). Rather soon Armin (I think) spotted a yellow, spotted burr fish (in German its is called a hedgehog fish). Dodging Gorgonia corals we also saw a crocodile fish and some pyjama snails. Armin and Brigitte also saw a few blue spotted rays, but I unfortunately missed those. A while later I heard loud clanking coming from a persons “attention” stick and Hussein pointed out a massive Napoleon fish swimming between the corals. He came really close to us and then carried on. Spotted to smaller ones afterwards, probably a family. Swimming along over and between corals I spotted some more Clown Fish in the home and a short while later Brigitte found a giant puffer fish resting near the bottom. Was alone for about 30 seconds as the other three dived left around a rocky outcrop and I went right. As a last highlight I then saw another trumpet fish (those things should be called “see through sea sticks”) before we proceeded to the surface and went back home.
At dinner and before Jon, Johanna and I talked about how our days had transpired. I asked a lot about how the the Thistlegorm is.
More pictures at Picasa and a reef map here.

Diving time: 123 min.
Diving depth: 19.9 meters
Speciality: Strong currents, big Napoleon Fish and Trumpet Fish

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