Saturday, November 9, 2013

College Four Geocaches

As it is Saturday today and I had got nothing planed or things I needed to do, I was geocaching again.
I woke up rather early for Saturday and after eating breakfast I transferred a few geocaches to my GPS. Looked out of my bedroom window and saw sunshine and blue sky, but a rather cold wind, so I put my rain jacket on. Opened the front door and was greeted with rain from the sky, typical. The weather forecast had mentioned rain today, but really, a change in the span of 2 minutes?! Set of for geocache Nr.1 (link) and found it in a downpour, looking in tree holes and the likes. Took me rather a long time, but after logging it, it was of to Nr. 2 (link). When I reached the top of the hill it was located on the weather had turned in to a rainstorm, so I took shelter for a while in a pavilion. It wasn't getting better, so after searching for the clue and doing some mathematics in a rainstorm I found the geocache in disguise of a hedgehog. Took me by surprise.
The Naturpark Rhoen 2+4 was my next one. After a walk along a country road with the weather getting increasingly better I found it in a rather remote place. The sun was out by then so I continued on to Nr. 4 (link) and after walking through an autumn deciduous forest and frightening some deer (I should have bought my DSLR, I like taking pictures of deer) I found that, too. After that, on my way back to the apartment, I tried to find two more but failed at that. Super four geochaches and a rather surprised me that the area has got some nice places to see.
Some more pictures at Picasa.

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