Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Egypt Day 3: Jackson & Gordon Reef

Jon was the first up today again. He went for a jog and met a Russian from Kiew. He also filmed the jog and under the yeti with his Garmin camera.
When we where all ready we went to breakfast and after that to the first dive of the day. First one was at the Jackson Reef, the diving site was overcrowded a bit as there where many safari boats there. Jumping in I lost Ulis snorkel, another artefact lying at the bottom of the ocean. When we went down, there where already dozens of people diving along. Joined up and proceeded along the reef. Johanna saw a grouper fish, a rather large fish which looks similar to a Napoleon fish. In total we also saw three lion fish, all seemingly inactive, just sitting around on the corals. Also saw some small sea slugs, rather colourful fellows. Hiding behind/underneath a rock was a blue spotted ray and the highlight of the dive was a massive murrain eel, of which I only saw the tail. Hidden between some rocks where rather big sea urchin. Dropped of a bit at one point to see a big soft coral, but Hussein (our dive guide) reminded me to come back up as it was our safety stop. Had no problem with air today, as I had a 15 litre bottle on my back, is heavier thought. After getting back (jumping the waves with the Zodiac) and cleaning our gear, Mohammed tried to fix/clean the electric components of the GoPro, the results being that it can now film whilst being plugged in to an electric socket (which completely fails the point of the camera, but you could use it as a web cam). Whilst we where doing that, Johanna and Jon ran of to lunch and I had some later before going out to the Gordon Reef with Salah. Jumped down into a rather shallow sandy bank, once again a lot of people being around us on safari boats. Dived along the sand bank and spotted a crocodile fish lying in the sand. He swam away when the current of one of our flippers hit him and Uls (a fellow diver, sounds like he is from Switzerland) hunted him with his camera. Saw even more blue spotted rays in the sandy area. Reached some barrels from a Russian ship which had run on to the corals in 1981. After that it was flying along with the current across the corals. Bonked Johanna in the head with my flippers at one point and didn't understand most of what she was trying to say under water. Jon shot up like a rocket at one point whilst simulating a motorbike drive in the current. He came back down at top speed after letting out a lot of air from his jacket.

 At one point Salah and Johanna motioned me to them and I swam above them to see what they wanted. Turned out there was a fire fish stuck to the bottom of the coral and it took me a while to find out what they actually wanted to show me. Later they also showed me two small crabs hidden inside a hard coral and I took some time to realise what they wanted again. Salah lost his diving boy for Captain to find us, so when he drove past he let a blast of air out of his breathing gear. Got on to the boat rather fast as Captain had said he had spotted some dolphins a bit away, so we raced to that point. Could already see three boats following something so we tagged along and a short while later spotted the dorsal fins of a few bottle-nose dolphins. Drove along with the small shoal and saw that they had been hunting, as they had a colourful parrot fish and a big tuna in their mouths. Took me twenty years but at last I have seen some dolphins (my favourite animals) and what to we get to see, one pooped right next to us. Once they left we carried on and some flying fish rounded of the experience.
Back at the base we cleaned all the gear again and then sat down to write our log books. Then back to the accommodation to write the blog. Of to dinner after that.
More pictures at Picasa and a link to the reef map here.

Diving time: 115 min.
Diving depth: 20,4 meters
Speciality: Underwater: Blue spotted Rays and Lion Fish
Above: Bottle-Nose Dolphins and Flying Fish

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