Sunday, November 24, 2013

Egypt Day 8: Ras Nasrani & Ras Ghamila

I woke up before the other two today, so I got up quietly (so I thought) and did not wake up Jon. Went to breakfast and then on the way out to the diving base, met Johanna on her way to breakfast.
Morning dive was at Ras Nasrani, as Sven has joined us for the now following week (a small check dive, but he did not need it) and Johanna and Jon had not dived there yet. Spotted the usual amount of fish and my air consumption has got a lot better. I can dive with a 12 litre bottle instead of a 15 litre one now. Also my buoyancy is now more in control, so I seem to slowly get the hang of it. The special fish today where some milk fish that Hussein spotted and a small pyjama snail which Sven photographed. I don't know if there are more jellyfish now or if we now only can see them because we know they are there. Was stung again on the cheek and on the hands as well. Nothing serious, just annoyingly painful ones.
Went to lunch after the dive and I got the belly problems now as well. Wasn't sure if I should go in the afternoon but I tagged along in the end as we where going diving to one of my favourite reef till now, Ras Ghamila. I like it because there are a lot of corals you can dive above and around. Big tree like ones like the Gorgonian corals are scattered a lot there. Dived through there and spotted a yellow spotted puff fish and a murrain eel next to all the other usual ones. Johanna and Jon found a few Lion Fish which eluded me and Jon pushed me along by the feet a bit. Johannas goggles where fogging up again, which was annoying her a lot. It is annoying when you can not see anything or only with one eye (2D). Surfaced and went back to base to clean our things of salt water, before burning out Johannas goggles.
Back to the accommodations before lunch and we have a film evening planned for later. 
More pictures at Picasa and a map of the Sinai reefs here.

Diving time: 123 min.
Diving depth: 19.2 meters
Speciality: Murrain eel hiding under a coral

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