Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Egypt Day 11: Quad Fail

No diving today. After one and a half weeks of diving Johanna and I had a rest today. Jon went out with both the morning and afternoon divers. The one in the morning got caught in a washing machine and the whole group was sent out in to the open sea. They arrived back unharmed and the afternoon group saw a eagle ray and Jon went swim-boating with some dolphins.
Whilst he was out enjoying that Johanna, Sven and me went in to the mountains with quads. The second half of the tour was rather fun, but the first half was a disaster. The guide was pissed of about something and got in to an argument with Johanna. After that he was better and allowed us to overtake instead of driving single line. We where out until the sun went down and had some tea in a Bedouin camp. Watched some cats do some caterwauling in said Bedouin camp and then carried on. I did some overtaking on the way back and as a reward I got a speed restrain put in. It was knocked out after a while again so it wasn't that much use. Returned and spent an hour back to the hotel and then had some dinner before Jon Skyped home and I wrote the blog.
Pictures of the holiday at Picasa.

Diving Depth: ---
Diving Time: ---
Speciality: Quad in the desert

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