Wednesday, November 6, 2013

College Quarry Geocaching

Got college for two weeks again, up in Northern Bavaria. Rather far from home.
To get a better feel of the area, I decided to do a geocache after school. This was actually planed for the weekend, but as the weather forecast has foretold rain I decided to do it today. After school and lunch (burning some rice) it was up the hills and past an airfield. Not a lot going on as the weather wasn't that good either. Under ten degrees Celsius and a bit of rain. Found the first way-point rather easily and proceeded to the cache. It was only a small multi-cache. Found the box after a bit of a crawl through brambles, logged in and left a travel-bug there.
After enjoying the view down into a quarry, it was back to my rented apartment.
Geocache informations can be found here.

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