Sunday, October 20, 2013

Diving Urisee

Was out diving today with my diving instructor in the Urisee near Reutte in Austria.
Had to get geared up first, which took some time. After getting into our wetsuits we went down to the lake. First aim was a platform at 5 meters depth, where we got our bearings to carry on towards the “shark”. After that it was gliding along a moon-like landscape, with trees coming out of the blue until we reached the shark. Some local divers had put up a replica of a great white shark, stuck on a pole. After that visit we carried on a bit and when Uli said so we turned round. Swam back a bit further than before and visited the face carved out of wood, like we had last week. Then back to the platform at 5 meters for our safety stop after which we resurfaced. Dived for 40 minutes and had about 500 bar*l left in my tank, so no more extended diving. Went back to our changing place and had a drink and an Apfelstrudel in a near by restaurant whilst writing the logbook.

Max. depth: 12m
Diving time: 40 min.

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