Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Cycle up Breitenberg

A day or two ago Jon sent out an e-mail asking all of us who would come up the Breitenberg with him.
At 8.30 am Neill (Dad), Jon, Moni and me where at his house. A few minutes later Karin arrived because she had overslept a bit. She told us that she went to bes at 2 in the morning so she wouldn't be racing of as usual. Noticed nearly strait away that that was not true. She was at the front nearly all the time. We all had our long clothes on as it was about 7°C. On the way we had some discussion as Neill wanted to go via the main road to Kappel and Jon wanted to go the back way. As Jon is the “Boss” we went round the back and got a bit damp going through some high grass and offer a wet wood bridge where dad had his worst accident. Nothing happened this time so we carried on as planned. Through Kappel and then round the Kiemberg, up the back towards Grän and then the long climb up the Breitenberg. Was a bit chilly but no one got frostbite and at the foot of the Breitenberg we got our long clothes of, as it was getting warmer.
I hadn't cycled up a mountain for about 8 weeks so I took it nice and easy, whilst the “tired” Karin raced up the mountain. Thankfully they all stopped from time to time to wait and going up we had a nice view of the Alps. Reaching the top we got our long clothes on again for the downhill ride. Stopped at an Alm and had a drink and a piece of cake whilst the girls got an alcoholic drink to help them down the steep bits.
Just as we wanted to set of Dad had a flat tire and that had to be changed. The girls decided to get a head start and wait at a specific point. After the tire had been fixed I also left a bit early and after a while Jon was on my tail with Dad somewhere behind him. I still reached Karin and Moni first but all signs of Jon had vanished. We where wondering if someone had had an accident and waited a while when Moni looked behind of the hut we where waiting at. Dad and Jon where standing behind there and they where both laughing their heads of. As it turned out Jon had had an accident when he went across a short cut field. He had been getting deeper and deeper into mus when he went over his handlebar, got out of the klikis somehow, did a somersault over the bike and landed in some wet mud. Dad then came racing up behind him and told him to stay put so he could get a picture. Jon and, especially, his bike were completely mud-covered.
After that it was a whiz down the front of the Breitenberg and then of home so Jon wouldn't miss watching Formula 1.
Track at GPSies and pictures from Jon, Dad and me at Picasa.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Race Biking after England

So, back again, after 1 months of not cycling because of my f***ing tow. Destroyed my plan to cycle to England, but next year will hopefully be better.
Started cycling today with race biking, which I am not a that big fan of but today was really good. Just came back from England and before even packing out my suitcase put on two new race bike tires. Of to Jon's quickly to get them pumped up and some gears repaired.
At 18.45 o'clock there were four people there, Jon, Neill (Dad), Moni and me. Perhaps it was just to hot for the rest (about 30°C). Apparently the past week had been like this. Set of towards Marktoberdorf and were in Rückholz fast. Jon spent most of the time at the front as he had a low pulse today and was the GPS-Man. Shortly before Rückholz on a long downhill stretch to get some speed, my back reflector flew of and I bombarded Moni and myself with it. Nothing serious happened so we continued. After Rückholz we went some weird track which shouldn't be done with race bikes (gravel, grass,...) to reach a Geocache which was found fast.
After that of to the next Geocache towards Rückholz. Had to walk through some fields again and reached a nice spot at the edge of a forest overlooking a marsh towards the Alps. Took some time finding the Geocache ( found a heap of bones first) but Moni succeeded in doing so in the end.
Along the road next to the nearest lake and had a short swim. Nice and warm water, really refreshing. Of to Jon's last to have a drink, but exhausted ourself going up the steep hill behind Rückholz.
Nice track but not really for race bikes. My pictures at Picasa and also some from Jon an Neill.