Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Trailing

Was at work today and kept looking out of the window. The day started of nicely with blue sky in the morning, but after saying goodbye to Grandma at lunch clouds started appearing. The evil type of clouds.
After doing some roof tilling with Chris it was looking far better, so after waiting 15 minutes longer than normal for Nico (he had to attach his GoPro to his handle bar as I had asked him to) we set of down Wertachtal. The exact way Nico had come beforehand. Up out of the valley and past the Sticher Weiher. Through the Oyer Moos and then a loud hissing sound. Somewhere I had gone over something and I had a flat tyre in seconds (it definitely was not a snake). After fixing it with a few tools at hand we carried on along the trail. Out the other end and up to Oy-Mittelberg. Were overtaken by some young motor bikers showing of, but didn't bother us to much.
Reaching the top we carried on along down a back valley for a while. Then it was down to the Mühlbach. Asked Nico to switch on his camera, as the Mühlbach is a super trail and I wanted a video of us biking it. After getting over the steps and to the end it was on to Feistenoy and after that down some cow trail which bought us to the main road. Along the main road for a while (the horror, we where on MTB's) and then around the Grüntensee with a short stop at the Klettergarten. I pressured us to carry on as I could see curtains of rain coming into our direction and I wanted to get home. After stopping for a short moment in Dohle I turned right to Gschwend and Nico went left to Maria Rhein. Raced the storm back home, but I lost in the end, getting a bit wet on the last few meters down Marsstraße.
A brilliant trail tour and the weather was near to perfect with a good friend biking alongside, what can you want more.

Track at GPSies and some pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours
Distance: 29,5 km
Average speed: 14,4 km/h

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Rain up Vilstal

Biking with Nico and Markus today. Cycling was moved to today as Nico had to do some business yesterday, but the weather was not better at all.
We were meeting up at the Alpspitzhalle and I already had my rain gear on going down, where I then meet Markus and Nico. Strait of towards Pfronten Kappel via the Baggersee and then on towards Vilstal. Up Vilstal, I was already a bit worried near the beginning. I had forgotten how long it was and in bad weather conditions it is no fun. Especially Markus was hit hard as he has not done a lot of biking this year, but he got a new MTB which had to be tried.
Reached the end of Vilstal after a few navigational hazards and continued on towards Schattwald.
By now it had really started to rain, but I don't outright remember when it started. Along the main road in single file formation all alone. No car overtook us until behind Wertach and near to the beginning our feet where drenched already. Finally reached Haslach, which meant near to home, and then just down into Wertachtal, through Gschwend and back home to a fire, bath and tea.
Track at GPSies and some pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 30 min.
Distance: 40,80 km
Average speed: 16,2 km/h

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Falkenstein

Super tour today again, thanks to Inges navigation. Most of the ways she lead us through we already knew, but not in that order. Weather was also very nice to us, the forecast had foretold rain and all, but it didn't rain a drop and we had loads of sunshine.
Set of towards Pfronten and took a detour along past the Heuschuppen. Strait uphill that early in the tour, just because I had mentioned a deadline at climbing distance. Three weeks ago we did 300 Höhenmeter, two weeks ago 500m and this Tuesday I did 700m with Nico. I jokingly said we had to do at least 900m, Inge tried I think but the group was against that much.
Past the Heuschuppen and through Pfronten to the Falkenstein. Heidi had a chat with a biking doctor on the way up which took of sprinting up the hill after some time. He was followed by Hopsing and Harry which chased him up the whole way probably. Moni and Jon did a more peaceful trip up whilst I stuck with the main group and enjoyed a short view from the top. Racing down along the tarmac and then on the bumpy trail down. The ditches have got deeper this year, you really have to lift the bike up now.
After that through the fences with Jon going onto the pedal with on leg, but most turned out to be open so he got back on properly.
Back towards Nesselwang through Pfronten and and a drink and some chips at the Bistro.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa. Also a report here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 15 min
Distance: 31.9 km
Average speed: 14.2 km/h

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obere Reuterwanne Scenery

Beautiful Tuesday today. Bright sunshine and just some cumulus clouds hovering in the back making for some dramatic scenery.
Was early than Nico today and did a few turns in front of the drive. He arrived after some circles and we set of towards Gschwend. Nico dropped his chain some time near the beginning but managed to get it on after a while. Through Gschwend overtaking a horse on the way. Through Reichenbach and then up it went. Nico being a tic faster than me but he stayed with me. Up past the Haslacher Alm and then to the interesting part, steep uphill cycling on gravel. Managed all the way for the first time and had one photo stop. Arriving at the Reuterwanne we saw some other bikers coming down along cow tracks, turned out to be Martin Herz and two other bikers.
After that the first downhill part on ruff stone, but then strait uphill again. We came out at one of the best views I know in the are, last time I was there was about two years prior to date and I had wanted to come back more than once. Finishing our photographic session we went downhill, the wrong way I wanted to go but still fun. Nico reaching a top speed of 75 km/h down a long tarmac road.
Back through Wertach seeing a radar trap of the police. We were then wondering if we could get caught on bikes.
Along the Grüntensee with some head wind and then back home through Maria Rein and the Wertachtal. Some Japanese people on the way back and of course a lot of pictures were made.
Track at GPSies and some pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 10 min
Distance: 29.7 km
Average speed: 13.5 km

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Moist Alpspitze Tour

Raining today. Wasn’t that motivated as going out into rain is, in my opinion, a lot worse than getting caught in rain.
Spot on at ten past six Nico rang the doorbell and after getting the rest of my gear packed it was of towards the Alpspitze. Decided to go that way as if it started raining hard we could get back fast. Light drizzle on the way up, but the sun came out after some time. Had two bikers in front of us which where as mad as us biking in this weather. They said the same latter. Enjoyed the view from the typical view point and then set of to Sportheim Böck. Reaching the top I got changed into some warmer gear and Nico had some fun filming himself biking through snow with his GoPro.
Then downhill with some speed. Me in front this time, biking uphill I would say Nico is better as he was in front most of the time and could have carried on without stopping a few times.
Had some incidents going downhill with a gauge in the path but nothing serious. All the way down to Kappel with Nico ending up with dirt in his face as he has no mudguard on his bike.
Back home through the forest ropes course (with some idiotic women staying put in the middle of the path and not stepping aside). Home through Wank with sunshine.
Track at GPSies and some pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle:1 hour 30 min.
Distance: 16,4 km
Average speed: 10.9 km/h

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rafting Imster Schlucht

Woke up a bit late today, five minutes or something like that. After Sven knocked on our door a few times we went down to breakfast and had lots to eat once again. After breakfast we packed up and after saying goodbye to the owners of the pension set of to rafting.
Arrived there first of all and waited until the rest of the group arrived. We were told we were going to be 12 people today and had two guides at our disposal. The rest of the group, we found out, were Swiss people and spoke really fast Swiss German. Us three didn't understand a thing when they were talking fast. After receiving our gear and getting changed we sat in a bus with the rafting boats behind us and set of for our entry point by the riverside.
Arrived there and already saw a bunch of other groups from other company’s there. In total there were about 12 boats. After carrying our boat to the waterside we got a safety lecture and tested the water temperature. Then it was of into the boats. First few tests in the water if we could coordinate our stroked correctly and then we went over the first wave. Drenched in seconds but having a lot of fun we had a small swimming are after that. Most went for a short dip, except two Swiss guys, but the water was so cold we found our way back into the rafting boat rather fast. After that a few fun areas, including ramming and spraying the other boat. Found out a really big wave had vanished because the stone that caused it had rolled over.
After quiet a few bounces on the waves it was back to land and some drinks. Drove back to base with the bus and after getting changed and a nice warm shower we got our next certificates.
Then back home to visit some kittens and have a look at Johanna's bauwagen.
A super spent weekend with lots of fun.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Canyoning Krebsklamm

This weekend was dedicated towards canyoning and rafting. Spent the evening of Friday driving to Ötztal with Sven and Johanna. Sven being the organiser of the trip, him having met Johanna in Egypt a few years prior to date.
After sleeping in a pension which was supplied by water c raft, the company we were doing this with, and a good breakfast it was of to base. Meeting the rest of the group and our guide we had a fun chat before being supplied with all our gear and setting of to the canyon. Being eight people in the bus it got rather warm with wetsuits on. Arrived at the entrance to the canyon the first thing we did was a safety briefing.
Then we took the plunge into cold water. Start of summer and they still have a lot of snow at the top of the mountains which is melting and making lots of cold water. At first rather flattish with a few small abseiling places. Got steeper carrying on but we all had no problem. Sven made lots of pictures and there were only a few slips here and there. Then the first big waterfall we went down through. So much water that you couldn't see through. Also the first place we were completely drenched. Carried on and had a few pools and waterfalls along the way. Last point was a 30m abseiling cliff with the last 1m being a drop.
Once all had arrived at the bottom we grilled something called an Alpendöner, basically meat, onions, mustard and beer in a bun. After scoffing ourself on food it was back to the bus and base.
After arriving and getting changed we had a drink and received our certificates. Had a chat with everyone and then it was back to the pension and some food to eat before bed.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thursday Wertachtal, Oyer Moos, Grüntensee

Once again very cloudy, or misty, today. You could think it is autumn. The weather has been a bit weird these past day's, always changing between looking OK to getting nasty.
Set of with a lot of people considering the gloomy atmosphere, but it was lightened up in the group. Up through Schneidbach at first, with the front people getting a bit ahead again. Through Schneidbach and down a trail into Wertachtal. Through the Wertachtal and towards Stich, with Paulina loosing the grip on her chain at one point. Karin shouted a bit but nothing bad happened. Through the Oyer Moos after that with Daniel H. speeding ahead and doing some tricks as he does down-hilling sometimes.
Up some hill and then down along the Mühlbachweg, always a fun trip and I think taking the steps on a bike there is the most fun (booing, booing).
After that through Feistenoy and along a trail, which Inge found once again, to the Grüntensee. Round the Grüntensee and back home through Reichenbach. It was getting quiet dark and not all of us had “legal” bikes for night time trips (no one actually) but we went the last bit home along the main road. Arrived at Jimmy's with not a drop of rain and found out it had pissed in Pfronten, were Group 2 had been.
Track at GPSies, some pictures at Picasa and the report here.

Time in saddle: 2 hours 20 min
Distance: 34.1 km
Average speed: 14.5 km/h