Saturday, November 30, 2013

Egypt Day 14: Catching Flying Fish

Woke up after Jon today and had breakfast with him, Johanna having a rest as she was up rather late and I am the only one diving today. After waiting long enough for three other guys to turn up (they didn't in the end) we where five people going out to Gordon Reef in the Zodiac. The wind had not got less throughout the night, so there where even bigger waves today. Some of the yetis nearer to the open water had been closed. Going across the short stretch of open water to the reefs, our boat once again frightened a large amount of flying fish. The water in front of us was suddenly full of them and one of them miscalculated his flight path as we soon had another passenger on the boat. The fish had landed strait in our Zodiac and it took a few minutes and calmer sea to set it free again. We went down in not to deep water and proceeded along the sandy banks of the Gordon Reef. Spotted a large amount of sand eels standing in the distance. We didn't get closer, as they don't like divers and disappear down their holes if we get to close. Spotted a clown fish, and a Lion Fish sleeping in the rocky corals. Also a large amount of blue spotted stingrays digging in the sand. Visibility was not to good and I had my eyes out in the ocean, as I was really hoping for a hammerhead shark but not so much luck considering them for me this holiday. Resurfaced after a rather uneventful dive and went back with the large waves for some lunch and a rest in the afternoon. 
More pictures at Picasa and a detailed map of the outer reefs here, with a general map of the reefs here.

Diving depth: 19,6 metres
Diving time: 53 minutes
Speciality: Flying fish in the boat (dinner is served)

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