Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Lake

Nice and sunny day today, so after college I went out on my first real mountainbike tour.
A friend of mine suggested a track so I cycled that today and it was super. Started of going towards Atlesee and after that past Kögelweiher. Turned of right at some point up a hill and came up behind two castles. After that downhill and past a lake I hadn't known before. One of the first times out this year and I find a new lake. My friend had warned me about some rest of snow on the way which turned out to now be mud. I didn't have my front mud guard on so I was splattered in dirt.
After that through Rebichel and then of home for a shower.
Track at GPSies and some pictures at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 1 hour
Distance: 19 km
Average speed: 19 km/h [ didn't need a calculator for that :) ]

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Short Cycle

Just came home from Berufsschule today and as it was bright and sunny outside I thought I'd take a short bike trip round the Grüntensee. Still some snow on the ground, which I will get to later.
Set of, after trying to convince my bro to come with, which didn't work; towards Gschwend. As they are renewing the bridge spanning the Wertach I could cycle on the main road no problem. After Gschwend down into the valley and towards the dam.
Now to the snow bit. As I was cycling through the valley small snow patches appeared on the road, no problem for a mountain bike. Ice is a bit of a different matter and as fate wanted it I slipped on some and came crashing down on a nice ice-stone mix. Received two injuries for that with which I thought I should not carry on round the Grüntensee. Over the dam, past Haslach and back towards Gschwend and home to a shower and to clean my wounds.
Not as planned but here a track at GPSies and a picture at Picasa.

Time in saddle: 25min
Distance: 8,9 km
Average speed: 21,1 km/h

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cycling + Skiing

Skiing today and biking yesterday. Only really possible here and a few other places in the world.

Warm up bike tour round the Grüntensee yesterday with snow still abundant on the mountains. Makes some really interesting views.
Cycled with Dad towards Gschwend first and then further on over the Römerbrücke to Haslach. Of to Wertach where we meet a colleague of his who was also cycling. Whereas we stuck to the tarmac road he cycled on some of road tracks which where covered in snow. Wasn’t that easy apparently. After Wertach it was back toward home and a bath as it still does get cold here in the evenings. Track at GPSies.

Today was of to Schattwald with mum and dad in the morning for a bit of skiing. Brilliant pistes early in the morning which you could really stick to. Went up and down a few times, had a drink and enjoyed the views of the Alps. As dad would say: “shit life” (ironically)