Thursday, November 28, 2013

Egypt Day 12: Hammerhead Hunting

Shark searching was the plan for today. So after breakfast we where of to Jackson Reef (outside), the place in the area to find schools of Hammerhead sharks. Ali (dive guide) warned us that if there where no big fish to look at the reef on that side is rather boring, as there are near to no corals to look at. Spotted the usual flying fish on the way, they seem to be afraid of the Zodiac.
Jumped in when we reached Jackson Reef and had near to no current, apparently rather unusual for that spot. Descended down to about 25 metres and looked around the area if anything was there. The only thing we spotted was the other divers and a shipwreck on the coral sloop. Searched for half and hour but nothing except us was swimming out there. Ali said he saw something at the edge of visibility, but it was to deep to go after. Some people reached the limit of how long they could stay down, so in the end we had to do some decompression stops to get rid of some possible nitrogen in our blood. Was still a fun dive as we where surrounded by just a blue and the other divers.
Went back and had a massage before lunch. After that it was of to Jackson Reef for some more shark hunting. They seem to like that are as well. Whilst we went down, Jon noticed a problem on Johannas bottle. It was loosing air through some point in the valve of the bottle so she unfortunately had to resurface. She got to see some dolphins instead and probably got a bit more sun in the boat.
In the mean time we had the pleasure of meeting two sea turtles, one sticking around for quite some time. It probably enjoyed Svens attention with the camera as it swam with us. The second one tried to hide in a crack. Also saw two Clown Fish families and some sleeping fire fish before resurfacing.
Drove back and cleaned our stuff before sitting down, having some tea and writing our log book. Mine has run out of pages already, so I have had to buy another one.
More pictures at Picasa and a map of the Jackson and Woodhouse Reef here.The morning dive was above the Lara wreck.

Diving depth: 30,2 metres
Diving time: 113 min.
Speciality: Unfortunately no sharks, but two sea turtles and a dive in the ocean

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