Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Flight from King Island & A Day in Melbourne

Due to a weather front coming in I had to leave King Island. Na, I just unfortunately could not find a job on the island as they are currently stuck in the middle of winter where there is not a lot of work on the island.
So on Tuesday morning I had everything packed up and was ready to leave. I said my good byes to the rest of James family, the kids have currently got school holidays, and was taken to the airport by James. Going there you could see the winter weather rolling in from the sea, rain clouds. The actual plan had been to fly back on Monday, the day before, but due to the plane being fully booked out I took the one on Tuesday.
Boarding the plane we where only five people (plus one pilot) this time and I got a front seat (co-pilots). Didn't mind that in the slightest, got a superb view flying back. Taking of we flew over King Island for a bit before we hit the open waters of the Bass Strait. Being in the front the propellers where making a hell of a noise and I was a bit envious of the pilots earmuffs. Just before getting out in to the open water airspace we broke through the low hanging cloud cover and went further up to just skimming the clouds. We had lots of sunshine up there and the pilot had his pair of sunglasses out and on. You can tell they do that flight quite a lot. So we carried on just above the clouds flying around , above, below and through cloud formations. Best flight I have ever had so far, considering I was also getting cooked and blinded by the sun. Just before reaching Melbourne we broke back down through the cloud cover and where treated with a view of down town Melbourne. Landed at Moorabin and left my stuff there for James to pick up later in the day. Luckily, for me, he had a dentist appointment that day in Melbourne, so he was coming anyway. After leaving my stuff at the airport I got a taxi to the nearest train station. The driver didn't know how to get there so I navigated him there before taking the train to central Melbourne. 
On the way there I caught up with Michiel, a fellow ski teacher from Germany who had spent a few months in Melbourne. He himself was on Kangaroo Island in South Australia, but gave me a few tips on what to do whilst I was there. Walking through downtown Melbourne I had very good internet connection, compared to most other places I had stayed before, and gave mum and dad a ring over the internet. I stopped by the MCG, a giant stadium in Melbournes sport district, capable of holding 100 000 people. Walked past a lot of artistic buildings and objects (including a singing bridge) and for the last thing of the day I went up the top of the Eureka tower, the highest tower in the southern hemisphere. Had a wonderful view down on Melbourne and once James had finished, him, is sister and me had an evening meal before taking the long drive back to Tahara.

Next plan is to look for a job somewhere to earn enough money to be able to afford a car and have a drive around, but I'll see how that goes.