Saturday, December 28, 2013

Advanced Geocache with Nico

Probably last Geocache for this year, done with Nico in the not so wintry area.
Set of at about 9 o'clock in the morning and picked Nico up on the way to Wiggensbach. Took a while to get there, so we ended up starting the cache around ten. Finding the first clue was a challenge in itself, for which we spent nearly three quarters of an hour until Nico found it. In that time the sun had moved so we where standing in the warm rays. Carried on to the next clue which was only about 300 metres away, and that is where we got completely screwed. Searched high and low, far and near, but could not find the third stage, as the clue we found was near to in-understandable (I can only say “cables”). After using the near non existent mobile phone network to get the e-mail of the owner and writing a question to him, we decided to wait for an hour in the McDonalds in Kempten. Whilst driving there we got our answer (after only 10 minutes) so we turned round and Nico found it in the end. The rest where not as difficult as that one and in the end we found the very intuitive “treasure”. In totally we had used about 10% owner help, 30% internet help (Nicos phone battery nearly ran out in the end) and 60% our own brains.
Took us a bit over 4 hours to complete the geocache, but a lot of fun and a rewarding McDonalds in the end.
Geocache can be found here and some pictures here.

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