Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dolomites Day 1

Day of journey. Started of good. Got to the gym and sent all people to the cars to start.
Then, first big mistake. Dad and Jon probably thought that they'd want a Burger so instead of going to Füssen on the motorway they turned of to Kempten to go to McDonalds (also Füssen has one to I don't know why they did that really). Got a blink-warning from Kurt and changed his direction to Füssen.
Later in Austria we repaired a broken door on one of our buses with Martins help and met Hopsing. In the Rosenberger motorway stop we had a brilliant breakfast (eggs with ham) and then carried on along the Italy road system (two words: very expensive).
Arrived at the hotel after 4 hours and big problem. To little space. Two buses, two trailers and one car. But stored it all in the end.
Then our first tour. 1700 Höhenmeter on the first day. Are we mad? Could be. Cycling up a steep mountain which didn't look step we met nearly all the Transalpine jogging people. Also to English guys with a chant: “we are fat, we are round, we're good at going downhill”.
Carried on cycling with brilliant views of the Dolomites. Track at GPSies and photos at Picasa. VERY step as said. And it freaking DIDN'T look steep. We felt it but didn't see it. Weird.
Arrived at the top and it started to rain slightly. Just in time to go into a restaurant at the top. Ate a little there which turned out to be very expensive. After we paid a horrendous bill we carried on downhill. We missed a turn downhill, Matthias flew over his handle bars and we were nearly all killed by lorries (Italian lorry driver, which stay put in the middle of the road. And Patrick was especially at risk as he was nearly at the front downhill all the time). But, hey, we staid alive to tell the tale. Arrived at the bottom and had to redirection our route as we had come "a little" of the GPS route. It turned out we had about 200-300 Höhenmeter more in the end than planed because of that. Arrived at the hotel after a bendy and uphill + downhill road to find out group two had arrived already. Also on the way Jon did two Geocaches of which he "only" found one (50% at least, woha)
Step and long tour uphill with brilliant view.

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