Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Bike Tour

Today we had our first Sunday tour this year. Is a bit late actually so it was about time we did one. Started of at Jon's and then went to the Elleg through Gschwend.

Had to Newbies which Karin had meet biking across the Alps in to Italy. Very sporty guys. So after the Elleg we went in direction of the Grünten, the “Wächter des Allgäus”. I don't know the area there that well so I cant do any accurate way-explanations. All I know is that we went up some very step steps, through a swamp and biked through some rivers. Track is at GPSies for more accurate viewing.

By the last river we had to wait a bit for Neill and Julius, so the rest decided to go on and order the drinks and “Brotzeit”. While waiting I got my cam ready and did some photos, which are at Picasa. Jon and Neill also took some. So at the Roßbergalm we all had our Brotzeit except Jon which had to carry on after a drink to a birthday party in Oberzollhaus. He prepared our track by the way so I wonder why it got so difficult after the Roßbergalm. (Just fun Jon). After our delicious lunch, we whizzed downhill towards the Iller and cycled along that. Towards the end there was suddenly a terrible scraping noise behind me. Julius complete back gear holder had fallen of. So after taking him to the nearest point at which his neighbour could pick him up with the car we carried on two people less. Neill had decided to go with Julius as he was exhausted. As it turned out the car was too small anyway so he had to cycle along the track later. Poor Neill.

As it was getting quiet late after the accident we decided to take the roads home as Moni and Klaus had to be somewhere else later. Along the Rottachsee on tarmac (all uphill) with three top fit bikers was really exhausting. Lost them at some points but me and Moni stayed together most of the time, but I lost her before the bridge by Gschwend. So we waited and she turned up eventually.

After that it was a quick run home with a a nice warm bath waiting and a Neill coming home later than planed. Report (should) be at this link.

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