Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cold (non)Sorgalm Tour

First freezing tour of the season. Getting near to 10 degrees i'd say. May even have been colder.

So, started of at Johns and went towards Pfronten. Track at GPSies by the way. Then carried on through Vilstal where the Vils was transporting a LOT of water. Wouldn't want to go swimming in that. Took some pictures a bit further along. All picis at Picasa. Not from me but from Dad and Jon.

Then carried on uphill and then later through a stream which got me soaking by the feat. Uphill through some mist. Downhill past the dam or sewage. Through Jungholz (looking like Christmas with the lights) and then along the main road home through Wertach.

Sounds short but it was 40 km in about 10 degrees and some brilliant scenery.

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