Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dolomites Day 2

Got woken up today by three different alarms. One: my iPhone alarm (7.29), Two: Dads Blackberry alarm (7.30) and Three: Somebody knocking at our door (7.40).
After we'd woken up and got dressed we went to breakfast. Big buffet on which everybody got full. Passed around the list of drinks we had yesterday which seemed a bit wrong and then the menu for today evening. After all that we went to get ready.
At 9.00 all (from group one) were ready. Started of the same way as yesterday but turned right instead of left at some point.
From then on it seemed to get steeper and steeper and steeper. Started of with 12% steepness, went on with 20% and in the end 30% steepness. Even Inge got of, something wed never seen before. It then started of that a group 1.5 evolved because there are some in group one which are a bit slow (me included). But the scenery was superb. Great pictures at Picasa. After getting past this huge part (it was 7,5 km uphill of which about 10-20% we pushed) we had our lunch at 2200m looking at a spectacular view of the Alps. Also saw a Edelweis (rare flower) and a shepherd with his heard. Must be some job working at that height. Then we cycled about 300m downhill and nearly broke our necks to drink a coffee in an alm at that hight. Long WALK down after that hut and all the walkers were saying it would still take ages. But then, a field (were I lost my drink bottle), and after that the best time of the day. Cycling on a bumpy, stony trail at a great downhill part. Right the river with mountains behind. Left more big mountains. River was actual a wady (river that only runs water in Winter or spring). Arrived at the Pragser Wildsee with more mountains. One word: brilliant. After a stop we carried on and after 50m Patrick had a problem with the back gear. Carried on but waited at the next few buildings. After about quarter of an hour they arrived. Jon had tried to fix the problem but only the first four gears worked properly.
It also turned out that Terence Hill was making a new film by the buildings but we didn't see him. After that it was 10 km downhill on which my top speed was 80.2 km/h. In that time Martin had a crash at about 40 km/h but he luckily landed in grass and had a few bruises, which a friendly dog helped him to get over. Then, main road with Italian drivers. Two lorries passed us at about half a meter and sounded their horns in the middle of our group (bastards). Cycling along the river after that was easy (Jon thinks it could be the river Po).
Then the pain began. Jon happily say "Only another 600 Höhenmeter" which felt like a lot more. First the front disappeared. Then I was alone at the back but later Jon, Moni and Patrick waited for me. The last 300-500m where the wourst cycling experience I have ever had till now. Felt sick, could only fell my muscle pain and apparently I was white in the face. At the top downhill but my senses weren't working properly so I had to go slow. Then a surprise: Patrick turned wrong and carried on and the rest went correct. He later caught up with us and said he raced behind at about 100 km/h.
Then, at last, the hotel. After 50 km and 2000 Höhenmeter. Ordered a Cola straight away and filled up my sugar. Later great food to get fit again.
Totally KO but great scenery. Track at GPSies (if any NORMAL person wants to do this).
Will have to see about tomorrow. Perhaps a group 1.5 ;).

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  1. You weren't the only one completely knackerd Max. I was at the end of my strength too. Great photos. You'er getting as good as me.