Friday, July 2, 2010

Kappeler Alm; with puncture

Got back from school today and wondered what I could do this afternoon by nearly 30°C. So I decided to go biking. Perhaps I should have left it. At the beginning it went up about 45° constantly. So got to the top of that and then had to climb over some large stones which where damp. By the way: Track is at GPSies. So after that came the dry mud in which the cows had made a load of holes. Fall over time. And then a big ditch in which I went flying over the saddle. Sounds like it wasn't fun. OK, not as good as other times but there are bad day. So then I finally got to the Kappeler Alm; after having a puncture. Dam, no spare pipe. Ring around; nope, nobody's got time. Well, no other option than too push. So down it went in one and a half hours what you'd normally manage in 10 minutes.

Enough complaining. Also a picture at Picasa.

And it was still a bit of fun. ;-)

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