Thursday, September 2, 2010

Herzler Hütte

Started of at the gym (as nearly every Thursday actually).

Quiet a few people + two new "oldies" (don't take this wrong). Two guys from Stuttgart on a tour with us. Come once a year to cycle with us. Missed them last year but met them this year.

Also Martin was there, for the second time this year.

So, to cycling. Went up to the Herzler Hütte. Track is at GPSies. As said, started at the gym (or in our case our home). Went up to Bayerstetten, past Reichenbach and then up past the Haslacher Alm (left actually). Then up a LONG and step trip uphill until to the Herzler Hütte. Then down in semi-darknes. Top speed 79.4 km/h. Got a tell of from Karin for "speeding". Back home through Gschwend and then to the Bistro and then home.

Steep and short tour.

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  1. It was just a climbing tour. Nothing really to see, except one view off to the left going up. Nice sunset.