Friday, July 2, 2010

Breitenberg biking

My first blog entry, exiting.

And as a good start I'll start with biking. Yesterday, pardon but it was late and I was tired, we went up the Breitenberg, one of the biggest/highest mountains in the area. As we got back late I fell in to bed straight away as I had school next day.

To the trip: Started in Nesselwang at 18.30 and cycled towards Pfronten, then biked round the back to finally start going uphill. The biking uphill was fine, just there were a load of flies around and they had a pick at me. A bit distracting. Reached the top and was worth biking up. Brilliant view. Jon has put in a few picies.Then came the downhill part. You'd think its easy too bike downhill. Never. Large lumps of stones and only a bike which is travelling at 60km/h between you and the ground. Scary. Came to the bottom in one peace. Good.And for last. Biking back home at night.

Track at GPSies. Great tour.

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