Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gappenfeldalpe Sunday Biketour

One day back from England and my Dad takes me up a huge mountain. Highest up I have ever been on a bike.

Started of from home (where else), and cycled to Pfronten. Then went through a load of Valleys (Engetal,...) and cycled up the Strindenscharte to the Gappenfeldalpe. Track at GPSies.

On the way I had a accident at he bottom which has bruised my hand quiet baddly so it wasn't easy going uphill.

Great views of the Tannheimer- and Lechtal + mountains. Also loads of waterfalls and cows + horses. Pictures at Picasa from me and dad.

So we arrived at the Gappenfeldalpe and seconds later it started poring down. Luckily the alp was open and we had a delicious cheese bread with apple juice and an apple cake. It hadn't stooped raining so we put our waterproofs on and cycled back downhill. When we arrived in Tannheimertal the rain stooped so we put our jackets of and cycled on downhill. Seemed like all the rain stayed in Lechtal. But it caught us up whilst we were cycling along the Tannheimertal. So jacket out and on again. Then arrived in Wertachtal were we took them of again. After that a tarmac rout home until to Wertach where we had an ice. Cycled back round the Gr├╝ntensee until we noticed it had flooded so we stuck to the road.

Got home with wet feet to a warm bath. Brilliant track.

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