Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dolomites Day 4

Woke up at 7.00 today. Dad started packing because he wanted to do a short cycling tour with some others. I got up later (about 30min) and went to breakfast.

After breakfast I packed while Dad got ready for the ride. After packing I loaded up the car with everybody's stuff. Then the cyclists started and shortly afterwards the rest went of in the bus. Kurt and Wolfi went to sun themselves while Jon, Moni and me went to do a Geocach. The rest went further up. Up a valley with a river in it and the hint was "wet". We just couldn't find it. After 30min we found it nearly under a waterfall so it was wet.
Returned back to Wolfi and Kurt which were sunbathing by a river, so we joined them. Later Dad rang up and wanted to know where his car keys where. He had told me to leave them in the hotel but I had forgotten and taken them with. Raced back home with everybody so he could get changed and just stopped to reserve a table at a pizzeria for later.

Got to the hotel, gave Dad the keys so he could get ready and then filled up the trailers with bikes. Took about an hour but after that we went to the restaurant for a pizza.

After lunch the journey back home, only with a short stop at the Rosenberger motorway stop again.

On the way there always seemed to be a race going on between Kurt and Wolfi which where driving the buses. At one point Wolfi killed his motor whilst starting and Kurtl took the lead laughing his head of.

So it carried on like that until we arrived in Nesselwang.

Unloaded Sontheims, then Inges and Karins bikes. Later at Jon's we all said goodbye to each other and all went home. Long journey back and the last time I saw the Dolomites today.

No track as no cycling for me but pictures at Picasa.

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