Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sorry I'm one day late, again. Always get back to late.

As we where al finished from the Sunday tour, except Heidi, we decided to do a relatively flat route. Rottachseetour is quiet flat so we decided to do that. Biked through the Wertachtal, past the Sticherweiher and on to the Rottachsee. By the Rottachsee we stopped by the dam holding all the lake water back. Took a group photo at the lake, which is at Picasa with some more.

After the lake we carried on back home and I always had to speed up a bit because I always wanted to make photos, as it was a brilliant evening for biking.

Arrived home eventually and nearly got my hand bitten of by Ruby, Monis dog, as we drank some drinks by her.

Nice flat tour with great scenery. Track at GPSies.

More info at Neills site.

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