Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday "Quicky"

Thursday after the big tour(s) and we can still bike, or so we thought.
We started rather early today, 6.00 pm to be precise. Was a bit of a rush with so much to do at work, but I managed in time. Six of us started of towards Pfronten Kappel with the plan to bike up the back side of the Alpspitze and then take the trail down by the Gundhütte. On our way up a few things happened. I managed to make sure Moni, Hopsing and me had to get of, due to me not being able to bike on roots properly. Heidi got a phone call, which she thought was important, and it ended up being her contractor trying to sell a new product. And the highlight was that it started poring down half way up to the top. We stood in the cover of a tree for a short while, getting all our gear on and debating if we should continue up or not. At the flash of a lightening bolt it was said strait away that we would be taking the direct route down and home, also our tree had stopped providing cover, as it was raining that much.
Raced home in pouring rain new disc breaks not working all the time and had a schnapps at the Hoigarte to get warm.
Track at GPSies and pictures at Picasa.

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