Saturday, September 6, 2014

Forgensee Sailing

I passed my sailing license the week prior to this one. There was a mix up with my nationality, so it got sent back before I received my “correct” one today. So, using the free time we had today, Dad, Daniel and me went sailing on the Forgensee, where I had trained for the license at the local sailing school.
Arrived and set out on one of the rental boats, the Mandarin, in nearly no wind. We where moving, but ridiculously slow, somewhere around 1 km/h if the GPS can be believed at those speeds. After a while and further out in the lake we got rather decent wind, managing speeds of up to 10.2 km/h. Also did rather a lot of manoeuvres and freshened up Dads sailing skills.
After we had sailed for about fours hours we returned and just in time, as when we reached land the wind died down.
Super day in front of the Alps on one of the largest laces in the are. Dads pictures are here.

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