Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gundhütte and Kappler Alm

Last Thursday biking before the Season Tour with the bike group. This year to Livigno in Italy.
We set of with a surprising amount of sunshine and warmth, considering that for the past week we had cold weather, rain and even some snow on the top of the mountains.
Was racing up ahead with Hopsing through Wank, then Kappel (where I still get lost) and towards Röfleuten where we turned up towards the Gundhütte. That was where I lost my touch to Hopsing, so Paulina took over. No chance for me to keep up with those two uphill. Fell back to the rest of the group and was rather surprised that we where only seven people, when last time I biked with the group we where 13.
On the way up we had some brilliant views of the sun setting, highlighting the Alps which had some wispy clouds hovering around them. Reached the Kappler Alm once again and tried to get up the last steep bit, again (tried two times actually, both failed). Heti managed to get up somehow and Paulina got up this week. Hopsing had disappeared of towards the top of the mountain and after a while we set of down towards the Hoigart, where we had a drink and talked about stuff.
Pictures at Picasa.

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