Friday, September 12, 2014

Livigno Day 2

Woke up a lot fitter today, perhaps because I got beaten up by Dad in my half awake state. No problem as he got a few fists back. Opening the curtains I was greeted with what the weather forecast had foretold. Snow capped mountains and something ridiculous like 4°C.
Went down and had a huge breakfast, stuffing my self completely. Due to the weather we decided to do a shorter tour today, the one Group 2 did yesterday. Group 2 meanwhile where biking the tour we did yesterday. Still haven't heard from half of them how it was, whilst writing the blog. Set of down in to the Livigno valley first of all and then up the other side. Followed the advise of Group 2 at one point and took the main road instead of cutting across a field. I forgot/was to tired to fix my tire casing in the morning/last evening. We carried on along a trail, the rest of the group turning wrong at one point and having to push up to get back on the track. Minor problems like that are the norm with the GPS. We carried on along the trail, going uphill with snow covered mountains everywhere. The temperatures where far beneath ten degrees Celsius. We met some Italians which proved to be rather chatty. Problem being that only Hans speaks Italian, so he had to speak for the rest of us. We carried on along the trail and at one of the only curves we meet a rather large group of downhill bikers coming the other way. Seems to be paradise here for them, as they get so much offered.
Carried on along the trail, Hopsing and Paulina long lost. The rest of us stopped at a so called Schutzhütte, a hut which has everything in it. From food to water, tea, etc. in case you get stuck up here in a storm. We had a long rest whilst eating a lot and carried on after some time. Along the trail , down and up some super steep bits once again. Our jaws dropped when we saw some bikers bike up what some of us had not biked down. We reached the top and then whizzed down the track, my maximum being at 60 km/h, which is not that much really. Heidi, Hopsing, Hans and Paulina took a different route than the rest and biked through the bike park with its curves and jumps. They had to bike back uphill for a short way, but they said it was well worth it. We carried on along exactly the same track as the day before, only difference this time was that I raced up ahead because I was looking for a photo opportunity. I reached the field I had remembered from yesterday, before anybody else arrived, even Paulina and Hopsing. Got my pictures and we carried on, once again following the tour from yesterday. Moni had a flat tire on the way, but it was fixed relatively fast. Paulina managed to come up some bloody steep path, which Hopsig had managed last time we had bee here.
Instead of carrying on uphill we turned downhill, into the valley proper and along the river. Brilliant way downhill and lots of fun along the way. At the bottom we met the Group 2.2, consisting of Jon, Karin and Gabi which had taken the way home before Group 2.1. We stooped at a restaurant and had something to eat and drink. On he way back we stopped I Livigno for some shopping. Me for a spare tire casing and the rest for some other things before I biked back and had a shower.
Track at GPSies, pictures from me at Picasa and more information here. Dads blog with Group 2 here.

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