Saturday, September 20, 2014

Short Himmelsreich Round

Woke up after a late night with the sun shinning through my curtains and Daniels friend banging on his window. He had his 19th birthday party yesterday evening and wasn't to receptive to sound input.
After having some breakfast and looking at the weather I thought that I could go for a bike ride to get the “Helium” leftovers out of my system. Johanna had a party yesterday and had two bottles of Helium, which proved to be hilarious.
As I had not done the Bärenmoos round this year I thought I would do that. Set of towards Pfronten and was caught in a few drops of rain on the way out as the sky had become a bit overcast since I woke up. In Röfleuten they had the annual “get the cows of the mountain” festival, so I had to navigate through quite a few people.
Shortly after that the uphill part started, not really to challenging, as the training over the year pays of. It was not possible to “legally” bike here a few weeks back, as the lumberjacks where all over the place. They left rather a lot of tracks, too. Met the first other biker at the top, as he raced past me. Then the infamous downhill part started. Coming down from Himmelsreich is a slippery track with a lot of large stones in the way. Managed down with a lot of breaking and biked back to Nesselwang, once again through Röfleuten. Nearly got lost in Kappel and arrived in Nesselwang just as it started raining.
Track at GPSies.

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