Sunday, September 14, 2014

Livigno Day 4

Last day in Livigno today, unfortunately. The weather has been a lot better than was predicted and expected.
We woke up and had breakfast a bit later than the day before as we had no time problems today. We left at some point and set of down through Livigno. The town is rather long, going from one end of the valley to the other and not really wide, as there are a bunch of high mountains around it. After some discussion about what way to go on a wooden bridge which was actually forbidden for bikes we carried on and turned left up another valley at the end of Livigno and on the shoreline of the Lago di Livigno, the massive artificial lake at the bottom end of the town. Biked uphill and I managed to take a bit of a more comfortable route. I was at the back and found a way around a forest where the rest pushed through, it was only about 200 metres, thought.
We reached the top after crossing the road and found a closed Alpe, so no last coffee there. What we found was a kitten and it got a few strokes from our group. We carried on downhill along a nice trail and did stop at one hut on the way for our coffee. Turned out to be the hut where Group 2 had stopped the day before. After that we carried on downhill along a step and stony path, but we all got down in one piece. My brakes where completely used at that point, so it was metal on metal with my disc breaks.
We reached the hotel after biking back up through Livigno and after cleaning and packing up our bikes, had a shower and then some lunch before the long journey back home came.
Another super weekend spent in the heart of the Alps and loads of fun with the bike group in our end of the year bike tour.
Track at GPSies, pictures from me at Picasa and more information here. Dads blog with Group 2 here.

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