Saturday, September 13, 2014

Livigno Day 3

Long and spectacular tour today. We had redone our existing 2000 metres tour, as it would probably be to much. Instead we would use a train.
We set of early at 8.45 AM, extra time that was sorely needed. Paulina and Hopsing being the fit people set of up the main road towards the Passo del Foscagno were we would met up with them. The rest took the lift up to the top of the mountain above Eira and biked down the bike park. We would probably have been better of with a downhill bike, but it was still fun none the less with our mountain bikes. After reaching and intersection of the road with the bike park we biked up toEira and the through the rest of Trepalle towards the pass where we would met the other two. We had to pass through customs and nearly all of us didn't have our passports, but we managed to get through without a hitch. Heidi overshot our meeting point a bit and had to bike back up the main road to get back to us. After we had all met up again we proceeded down a super trail, fun and still bikeable. There was a ridge at one point where I wasn't to sure if it could carry my weight, but I got over without causing it to collapse. After biking down the trail for a fair amount of time, we arrived at a forest road which we followed for a rather long time. Nice and flat so we burnt away a few kilometres. Hans had been here before, so we had an on hand tour guide with us. He showed us the glacier on the other side of the valley and lots of other stuff, still promising there would be more to come. A long uphill part after that, reaching the highest point of the day I think. Had some lunch and didn't spend to much time, before we set of back downhill. The next stretch that was planned would take us downhill for 1600 metres, so a long way down. We passed through what Hans dubbed “Paradise”, a typical Swiss postcard picture. Snow capped mountains high up, a lake underneath it surrounded by tress. And to top it of we had a brilliant run all the way down to the train station. Heidi had a flat tyre on the way down, but we managed it in a rather short time, thanks to Hopsings
expertise. We lost Hans and Hopsing a bit before the train station of the Bernina Express, the well known Swiss panorama train, but found them without to much difficulties and got on to the train.
That train can climb up cliffs. Seeing the first section of the line I thought it must be near to
impossible, but they manage. A lot on the train where in camera mode (tourists), including us, and we had fun getting rid of metres without doing anything. Had some proseco and beer, sponsored by Hans and saw a few spectacular glaciers. If only Switzerland wasn't that expensive. We got of at a train station at 2200 metres above sea level and biked downhill with a lot of wind against us. We had to bike downhill, but we left the road fairly quickly and proceeded up the last valley of the day. Took some time getting up that, but we reached the Alpe in good time. Didn't stop for a drink and carried strait on. Biked along the high mountains of the Alp, but to the end the ground greeted me again, as I had a crash, but nothing to serious. We reached the end of the valley and pushed down to the pass at the top end of Livigno. Rather dangerous situation as we had to walk over some gravely areas with steep drops to our left and not everybody is not bothered by the vertigo. We reached the bottom without incident thankfully and then had a nice long downhill run to the hotel in Livigno with a shower and something to eat.
Nicest tour out of three till now, but with lots of kilometres. You do have to count away the kilometres for the lift and the train and it ends up somewhere by 80 kilometres and 1600 metres in altitude.
Track at GPSies, pictures from me at Picasa and more information here. Dads blog with Group 2 here.

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