Friday, April 7, 2017

Sailing CroatiaDay 7: Korcula Island - Tucepi Marina

Long, long, long day today. Daniel and Annalena are coming down to take over for Farinas who have to leave us tomorrow. Some miscalculations saw us being ways a way from a suitable pick up place. We didn't want both of them to have to drive through another country and the only way to get to our area was to pass through Bosnia & Herzegovina. The aim was to get as far as possible, but the wind wasn't really in our favour. Stefano and me pulled up the anchor early in the morning and we started chugging around Korcula Island. The rest started appearing rather fast after the engine was started.
Whilst motoring along we had breakfast and later in the morning we sailed/motored around the east tip of Korcula. The channel funnelled some Northwest wind down against us and on one side of the channel was an old monastery and a Venetian City. Dad did a weather check and the wind predictions for the night were more favourable to out cause of getting to … and picking up our next two guest. So instead of sailing we moored in the harbour of the city of Korcula to have some lunch. Luckily someone was there to help us, as we couldn't see the usual front lines on which to hold us. We backed in ready to get the ropes secured but he yelled “ancherus” at us. The revelation what to do was pretty obvious, so Stefano motored out a bit, we dropped the anchor and then back in again properly. Off the boat we then explored the quaint little city for a bit before having some lunch in a restaurant. For myself and some of the others the floor was moving backwards and sideways, but no one got “land sick”. Lunch was interesting, as Rhiannon thought that she had ordered some baby squid to eat on and instead got half a kilo of the adult one. Swapped that for Caros macaroni and everybody enjoyed lunch. 
After that Dad went back to the boat, Stefano tagged along a while later, I took a walk around the city (which was over in 15 minutes) and the girls both went shopping. A short while later we were ready to go and left Korcula. The wind was blowing pretty strong and after getting all the sails out we ended up reefing the main to it's lowest possible one. Once that was completed we zigzagged up the channel, passing some windsurfers on the way. About halfway up the channel it was getting very obvious that we would be sailing until to the morning, so I went down and tried to get some shut eye for later in the night. Sailing hard on the wind was interesting trying to sleep, as when you jibe it throws you to the other side of the bed. Managed to get a bit of sleep here and there and in the end I ended up going up at about midnight (after five hours sleep) to take over from Dad.
Rhiannon joined me shortly later and we sailed until the early morning. Best thing about night shifts, no one sees you eat the biscuits. About an two hours before arriving in … we had to take the sails in and switch the motor on as no wind was showing up any more. About 15 minutes before reaching … Rhiannon went down to wake up Dad, but as it was to early in the morning we carried on to the next marina, Tucepi. Just before the daylight started showing up Rhiannon navigated us in to the harbour and after tying up we all (Rhiannon, Dad and me) dissapeared in to bed pretty fast.
Track at GPSies.

Time: 20 hours.

Weather: No/little wind in the morning, strong wind in the channel and sunshine with clouds.  

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