Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sailing Croatia Day 4: Kremik Marina - Vis Island

A long day today, with all sorts of sailing conditions. And a small reminisced of the days sailing with Allan.
In the morning I was woken up by Dad and Stefano discussing when to leave again and after a while dad knocked on my door telling me to get ready to go. I was rather tired from the night before, as I had been working on the time lapse from the evening before that.
So we left in the morning to motor to the city we had eaten the day before and had some breakfast. Originally we had just wanted a coffee (me a tea), but in the end we decided to have a full blown breakfast instead. So later than we wanted to, we left and motored out of Primosten. A bit out we were able to put the sails up and then sailed along comfortably at around three knots. Our first fix point we passed was a lighthouse with a massive house for who knows what. From a distance it looked more like a church. Passing that we saw a lot of sea gulls in the water and we are still trying to catch some fish. No luck again, though. After the lighthouse we set sail for open water. The island we were aiming for is called Vis and it's a fair way out at sea. Due to the weather and wind predictions from Stefano, we took a more coastal course, opposed to a sea course and then swinging back around. We couldn't take a direct approach to the island, as that was where the wind was coming from. And the next few hours we spent out there. Saw a lonely dolphin again and some birds tried to take Stefanos lure, but other than that just a nice calm day. Or so we thought. Early in the afternoon we heard some thunder and the land we had just left was enveloped in rain and dark clouds. Dad heard a warning come through on the radio at one point, but nothing concerning us directly. A bit later on the wind nearly stopped altogether and the sails got rolled in and the engine came on. Didn't hold long, though, as soon after the wind picked up dramatically. Sails back out, engine off and a while after we even had to put one reef in. Caro was having a brilliant time, jumping on the waves, which had started breaking out in the sea. Soon after Rhiannon took over, for us to get in to the island, as the day was slowly drawing to a close. Big red sunset, with a ball of red in the sky. 
Then came the sort of stuff I was used to with Allan. We had an anchoring we wanted to stay at and got there just on the break of dark. There was some weird ship bunker near there, too, or it might have been for subs. First anchoring attempt saw us getting to close to shallow water with to much wind in the anchoring, as the wind had turned to an unexpected angle. Finding a good anchoring place seems to be a problem here in Croatia, as the water drops of rapidly. You can be 50 metres from the coast and in 80 metre deep water. The second anchoring point was dismissed straight away, due to the same reasons as the prior mentioned one. The third anchorage we steered to was a bit away, so by the time we got there it was dark. The only sheltered area we found was directly in front of the city of Vis and the clearest spot we found was interesting to navigate in to. Dropped the anchor and shortly after a guy in a white car rocked up yelling something at us. No clue what he was saying. We gave him many options to speak in. English, German, Italian and Chinese, Portugese and Dutch were more options. While we were debating if to stay or not (close to the land again) he managed to do some phone calls and just yelled “Go Away!” over. Dad still having a bit of humour left over just yelled an “OK” over and we lifted the anchor and left (anchor was wrapped up in the chain). Travelled a short distance and in the end dropped the anchor near to another boat (with Germans on it). A few calculations later dad had worked out what coordinated we had set the anchor at and I could put it in my phone and be at peace (bad experience in Pancake Creek). Caro had whipped up a lot of pasta, so we all got stuffed before going to bed and sleeping.
Track at GPSies.

Time: 11 hours

Weather: Sunny in the morning. Thunderclouds in the evening with winds up to 20 knots.  

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