Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sailing Croatia Day 9: Brac Island - Palmizana Marina

Up early in the morning. First time I was the first one up. Thought I'd best get up and let someone else know that if they get up we can leave. A few second later I heard Dad get up so I rowed out and released the lines before the both of us motored out. Just before starting the engine it gives a small “beep” and when that went of today I just heard Daniel say “now”. Annalena had asked when we are going to start the engine so he had his answer ready.
Motored out and set of towards the other side of Hvar, the island we had just come around the other day. Originally we had wanted to stay in a marina, but ended up staying in the town a few days prior (no mistake on that part) but we wanted a nice warm shower with a lot of space for once.
Whilst we were driving along we once again had breakfast before getting to some serious stuff. When Daniel and Annalena showed up the day before they commented on how warm and clear the water looked, so I took Daniel up on that offer for a swim. I knew it was freezing, but someone needed to go along with him, otherwise he would have never gone in. Stopped the boat and jumped in for a VERY short stay. Tried to get some video of the bottom of the boat to see what it looks like, but don't think it resulted in anything good.
Back on the boat a short while to dry and then the next idea popped up, to get someone to go up the mast. So Daniel got rigged up with the help of Dad and Rhiannon and later on I winched him up to get some GoPro footage from halfway up the mast. Whilst he was up we had to dodge a windsurfer school. Once he was back down again Rhiannon wanted to have a go, so up she went, this time with the help of Daniel and myself. Once she was up she got a video and pictures on the GoPro and we set the sails while she was still up. Hope she got some good footage from it. 
Back down we explained the sailing aspect to Daniel and Rhiannon and the next few hours saw us getting cooked in the sun, eating fruit salad (curtsey of Dad), having some biscuits and generally relaxing. Nearing the western tip of Hvar we ran out of wind so the last hour was spent motoring around the tip and trying to sail the last bit to Palmizana. The wind gave up on us shortly after, so sails in and motor fully on. Coming around the corner in to the marina things looked rather empty and Dad hadn't been able to reach them on the radio or phone. But there was an official looking person waiting for us. A short while later we moored on to the side of the pier and had warm showers, electricity, wifi and a secure place to stay.
In the evening we went to go and eat, but the restaurant was “closed”. We were lucky enough and dad looked hungry enough and they ended up letting us in if we were alright to eat what they eat. No problem, we would have been happy with pasta. Instead we got a five course meal with the best cooked beef I have ever had.
With a full stomach back to the boat to work on the blog and pictures.
Track at GPSies.

Time: 10 hours

Weather: Sunny day with decent wind.  

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