Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sailing Croatia Day 2: Biograd - Zimnjak Island

First day sailing, with a lot of wind.
In the morning we all woke up about the same time. Whilst Farinas and Rhiannon went shopping, Dad took care of the water on board and I got the car in to a better parking space. Whilst all of this was going on, Dad said that some professional Austrian team came past and completely messed up, getting a few boats endangered in the process.
Our attempt went a lot better, as no yelling or boat ramming happened. Stefano steered, whilst Dad and me got rid of the lines and Caro and Rhiannon took care that we don't bump in to our neighbours. Left the marina with a lot of speed, as the wind was blowing us out. Out at sea we got a bit of distance from the mainland and took up the sails. The first attempt saw us take all the sails out and the boat was overpowered rather a lot. After a short while of sailing like that we got the sails in a bit and the boat ran a lot better. The first “wende” (German) was a bit of a disaster, as we could not for the live of us work out why the boat wasn't turning. Dad released the pressure on main sail a little and we swung around without an issue. The next few hours saw us racing against another boat next to us, doing taking the whole was as our destination was upwind and getting to know the boat. At some stage the wind reached higher speeds, so we had the main sail reefed in as much as possible and the front sail nearly all the way in. Not any sea animal was seen, so we've all started wondering where the dolphins are. Dodged a few sand banks and rocks on our way to the next anchorage. What was chosen was a buoy near to a closed restaurant. Apparently you pay for the buoys unless you eat at the restaurant. As the restaurant is closed until May, we hooked up and didn't have to pay. Fixing to the boy was interesting, involved leaning over board, Caro trying to grip the buoy with the ship hook and when we got the line through we did something wrong and had to move it to the other side. All the while a ship a couple of tons heavy is pulling the rope out of your hand. 
After we got secured we had a drink and then whilst Rhiannon and dad got the small boat in to the water I went for a swim in my swim suit. The water was freezing, I thought the med was supposed to be nice and warm. Anyway, I was happy I had it with me. Did a few swims around the boat, dived down to the block of concrete holding us and checked the rope. All good. Did a few pictures whilst I was at it and then got back on board to dry of and write the blog. The other left for the shore at that point, one at a time. Whilst I was finishing my blog they explored the island. They met the brother of the owner of the restaurant (or something along that line) and had to pay 100 kuna for the night (about 13 Euros). For that they also got a lift back to the yacht with a motor boat. Before dinner dad then rowed me over to the mainland so I could get a time lapse of the yacht in the bay. After completing that and having a stunning few of the surrounding from the top of the hill a big pasta meal, curtsey of Caro. A few drinks after that and we were of to bed.
Track at GPSies.

Time: 4 hours 50 min.

Weather: Sunny/Light cloud cover with 25kts wind and 30kts gusts.

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