Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sailing Croatia Day 6: Hvar Harbour - Korcula Island

The morning saw Dad get up, give Rhiannon one warning to bring her stuff to wash, being ignored, Rhiannon realising he was gone and getting up in a rush and calling him.
I myself was a bit more relaxed about getting up and later on in the morning I passed up on my usual porridge food and had a bread breakfast with the rest. After breakfast Caro and Dad went shopping whilst Stefano and me got the boat ready. Just as the two shoppers came back I started up the engine and the boat left a few minutes later with Rhiannon at the helm. Going out the harbour our place was taken up immediately.
Outside we were later followed by a couple more sailing boats and whilst Dad and Stefano were discussing the predicted wind conditions I yelled down that we had seven knots of wind. Sails went up immediately. For the rest of the morning we were accompanied by a drizzle of rain and aft wind. New experience for 3/5 of the boat crew who had been sailing against the wind for most of the time. I commented to Dad how “boring” downwind sailing can be after having to go against the wind for four days. Short time later the music was turned up and Rhiannon was the DJ.
Later on once a few musics went through the mood calmed down a bit as the rain was still holding up. Everybody got rather sleepy and relaxed. On the horizon a lot of the boats from Hvar were in a regatta but we only met one which seemed to have come of course a bit closer to our track.
We took the sails in in the end, as the wind had come down to about four knots. The first spot we had aimed to get to was reached at about three o'clock, with nine knots of wind. I was felling a bit tired and hungry and was looking forward to anchoring. As the wind had picked up Dad suggested to carry on to the next anchorage, so I made myself some food and then went to have a nap.
When I woke up again we were just of the anchorage point, so whilst Stefano was anchoring I set my anchor monitoring app. 

The bay we sought shelter in from the predicted 20 knot winds at night is a really nice area. Clear water down to twelve metres with sandy and grassy ground. After anchoring Caro started cooking and Stefano was tiding up his fishing road (which had twists in it from a malfunction). And low and behold, whilst dragging the rope back through the water he caught a Sepia (type of squid). Meal for the night was guaranteed. After that a nice meal consisting of pasta, pork and Sepia.
Then bed.
Track at GPSies.

Time: 9 hours

Weather: Drizzly rain, later on sunny with wind.  

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