Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sailing Croatia Day 1: Nesselwang - Biograd

Two weeks of meeting and greeting people later, Rhiannon, Dad and me are of to Croatia to sail. Stefano and Caro (Farina) are joining us for the first week and Daniel and Anna-Lena are coming the week after.
At 5.17AM Dad came and picked me up, after I had had two and a half hours of sleep. Got a few comments about taking to much, as I took my swim suit and flippers, too. Then at 5.23AM we left Zillhalde with Rhiannon to met up with Farinas at the centre of town. Shortly after we set of towards Austria with a Hogarth car and a Farina car. We had set of so early to forgo any traffic that might be on the way. It's no holidays, but the weekend just started. And then we drove and drove and drove. A few places Dad recognised from his biking times in the Alps (heard a story a few times about Heidi not giving him the chance to have a coffee) and a few I recognised from my own explorations with Nico. 
In a spot in the Dolomites we stopped for some breakfast. Haven't seen mountains like that for years, Australia’s are a bit more worn down, but Oz has it's own good things. After coffee Rhiannon had some fun on pass roads and shortly prior to the Slovenian border Dad took over again. Went through some toll roads and border controls in Slovenia and on the Croatian border. Rhiannon took over the wheel again on the old main road along the Croatian border and had some fun on it with Stefano leading.
We arrived in Biograd where we found the Marina after asking some locals and then got settled on to the boat. It's a nice boat, a Dofour 350.
Did a shopping spree shortly before dinner and then went to the Marina restaurant for some food. Dinner took absolutely ages to get there (we thought dads salad had been forgotten) but tasted pretty good.

Then back for some bailys and bed.  

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