Monday, June 27, 2016

Computer & Camping

The previous day I had decided to wait out for a job result. I have sent of a resume to a place about 300km west of Brisbane, but they haven't answered back yet. As I don't want to spend all of my money on hostel accommodation in that time and put my swag to good use I looked for a camp site somewhere near by.
Prior to leaving the hostel I made good use of the free WiFi, though. The Australian Tax Year is coming to an end and I have quite a substantial amount I could get back. Means a few hours of sitting down and scrounging all payment information from the last twelve months together. Online banking makes those things a lot easier. And the previous blog wanted writing, too which took a while.
After completing all those things I visited the nearest supermarket for some food shopping and some lunch. Completing that I was of out of the Gold Coast. The cheapest camp site I could find in the Gold Coast was just as much as the hostel, so I went out further. The best one around I could find was one near Mt. Nimmel, about half and hour drive out from the Gold Coast. Nice place, with rooms (if you need it), powered and un-powered sites. Taking one just for my swag was fairly easy and later at dinner I got talking to the manager (Simon), two Germans passing through to head up north and two English people going down south. The Germans have got the better idea, fleeing from all the cold and wet up northwards.

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