Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Border - Gold Coast

The next day wasn't spent with a lot of driving, more a short journey to the Gold Coast I had heard so much about. From beaches to city life I had heard a lot of good things about it. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The worry that I would be found and “shot on site” didn't happen and I woke up to a lot of birds doing a racket. Once I leave Australia it'll be something I miss, I guess. For the moment I just lay in my swag with no rain dropping down, cursing a few bird names I knew about (which probably aren't even the ones doing the racket).
Once my mind had woken up fully and my stomach also got up, I left the warmth of the swag to make myself some breakfast. Quick and simple porridge, as I am on a diet (sort of) at the moment. That will most likely get in a bit of disarray once I get to a city full of good looking restaurants and lots of beer.
After finishing up I packed up my swag and nicked out of the property once no one was in site. Hitting the road again, I passed along winding road through the semi-jungle scenery of southern Queensland with the mountains of Lamington National Park to the left and some more hills to the right. I stopped in front of a very country looking school (wood & old looking) and gave my 2nd cousin Simon a call. Simon wasn't available at home, so I have his wife Julie a call. Had a bit of a chat and a promise to met up somewhere soon, as the whole family was heading of to Hawaii for Grandmas sisters golden wedding anniversary. Yea, family getting more and more complicated the further it branches out. 
I passed a big dam lake once I carried on driving. From all that I have heard a lot of the East Coast has gotten a lot of rain for it's time of year, with dams flooding and the prior mentioned lake being chokers full. A lot of dead trees sticking out of the water, meaning it would most likely be a very interesting scuba dive to go down to. Then again it is a dam lake, so not this time. After passing the lake I got to more urbanised country, with houses popping up everywhere and the skyline of the Gold Coast appearing in the distance. Soon the quiet country roads turned in to three paved highways with all sorts of cars on them, not only four wheel drive vehicles. Getting to the centre of the Gold Coast wasn't to much stress and at the end of the day I booked in to a Hostel before going down to the beach for a walk. Looking at the beach I knew I had to go for a swim at some point. Sandy beach as far as you can see, with the ocean on one side and a bustling, modern city on the other. After enjoying the scenery and walk back to the hostel for some sleep.

Simon gave me a call, too and we agreed to meet up on Friday night, a day before their flight to Hawaii.  

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