Thursday, June 30, 2016


The night were cold as usual, but either my swag has gotten warmer, or I'm acclimating better to the temperature of the night. Really helpful that I have a mat underneath me and thick oilskin canopy to trap as much heat in as possible. Disadvantage was that I had a bit of due on the in- and outside.
We set of after some breakfast for the next camp site closer to Brisbane, from which we could access the city easier by train. Driving through the city on motorways and normal roads trying to keep up with a car you need to follow is a bit on the exciting side. Luckily Chris still has his blue eski on the roof which is easy to follow.
We reached a caravan site in Durra (outskirts of Brisbane) and got an un-powered site for two cars, so we all got it cheaper (10$ each). Parked, got the tents/vehicle set up for the night and did a wash before walking about 15min to the nearest train station. We seem to have ended up in the industry sector, but none of us minded. Got a GoCard, a tap on, tap of card. Every state has it's own, so you can pretty well start a collection. Try getting every one of them, except one from the NT (no trams there) and maybe TAS, but not to sure about the last one. After buying one we got on a train that took us towards the city. We exited about halfway along because Jana had heard of a place that does really good milk shakes. To get there we walked up and down about three hills and ended up in front of a florist, which also sold milk shakes. Ordered a few and after consuming them found out we could have saved us the hilly walk as there was a train station a lot closer. Eh, a bit of exercise has never harmed anyone.
We got back on to the train and went to Brisbane proper. In Brisbane we got some pictures printed out and went to have a look at a free ferry that goes along the Brisbane river. We took a look at the ferry when it came in and left. Really small (maybe for 25 people) and a long queue of other people in front of us.

Went back and had a look through the shopping centres and bought a card game in the end (phase 10). Went back on the train, walked to the camp site in the dark and after some dinner played phase 10 until late in to the night.  

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